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The best areas of cities to live for Families and Digital Nomads, based on infrastructure around: cafes, park, shops and other metrics.



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Anton Lavrenov
Anton LavrenovMaker@lavrton · Web maker
Hello, ProductHunt! I have made the app called IsGood. Here is my short story how I came up with the problem and how I solved it: 😥 Problem Every time I search for a new apartment to stay in a new city/country I have to spend a lot of time to figure out where it is located. I have to go to google maps and foursquare to make sure I have everything around (cafes, shops, parks). And that is very important for me because I am traveling with my wife and two kids. So I don’t want to stay in a place if it is too far away from everything within walking distance. And I am traveling A LOT. So to save my time, I've built the app that can show me a “rating” of the place instantly. So I don’t need to spend a lot of time for a research. ☝️How it works It uses public information from the internet (Google Maps, Foursquare, and others) to get information about infrastructure. Then a magic formula enters the game and calculates the rating. 🤔 Is rating accurate? From my point of view - yes. If you see a high number you definitely can relax. If the number is low - be careful. The tool is a huge timesaver for me. I have a very frequent situation when I need to compare several apartments from Airbnb. In this case, I just go to IsGood and see which area of the apartment is better. Let me know what you think!
Alin - Catalin
Alin - Catalin@alincatalin · Making things. 🔥 & 🍩donut
@lavrton Interesting project - congrats. Looks a lot like Hoodmaps but the integration with Foursquare (+ others) and showing all this data it makes it even more useful in my opinion.
Dr. Nitin Bajaj, DBA
Dr. Nitin Bajaj, DBA@nitinsbajaj · Entrepreneur
Very inaccurate data in Los Angeles, I wouldn't trust this app to make my decisions. My pin is on the house right by the bus stop (I just rented this place over the weekend). It does not light up the 'bus station', and most likely doesn't give it points either. Parking was on-site and plenty (free) on street but your tool didn't pick it up. There is a park within 0.4 miles, no points for that either. Schools within 0.5mi and a kindergarten across the street (less than 0.1 mi), seemingly no points for those either. What is the threshold and logic for these ratings? Seems faulty and inaccurate, at least for the one I tested.
Anton Lavrenov
Anton LavrenovMaker@lavrton · Web maker
@nitinsbajaj thanks for the feedback. The threshold is 500m-1.5 km (depends on category). You will really help me if you can share the area with me, so I can check it.
I like it. Seems like a more useful alternative to HoodMaps where there's practical information you can base decisions on. How many users do you have now?
Alexander Shpilka
Alexander Shpilka@archiolidius · CEO at and
Nice! I really like this idea! Also, would be super useful to integrate it into sites with apartments rental/buy (probably chrome extension)
Alexander Shpilka
Alexander Shpilka@archiolidius · CEO at and
For Airbnb, etc.
This looks so similar to Hoodmaps, down to the description on PH and the use of emojis, that not mentioning Hoodmaps feels disingenuous at best.