Is This Big Enough?

Request & receive the right size images from clients

Are you tired of receiving images from clients that are too small to use? Us too! Get them checked automatically with our automated image screening service. Get the right size image from clients, the first time.
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Hey product hunters, I am pleased to release Is This Big Enough! I have found over the years no matter where I have worked, in a company, at an agency or freelancing I struggled to get good size images from some clients. I would try requesting images in size (mb), pixels and resolution but I found some clients don't understand these terms so kept supplying really small images. Even when saying to a client "send me everything you've got" you still need to go through and manually check each one. For example, I needed an image large enough for a full bleed A3 poster and I was sent a 89kb gif... not ok! From speaking to others I found this is a common problem so I created Is This Big Enough, an automated image screening service. It's quick and simple to get the images you need, the first time! Think of it like a popular file sharing service, but with added functionality. Simply... • Fill in the form and specify the size requirement for your images (in MB and pixel width, you can use 0 to specify any size/width if needed) • Copy the unique link and send to your client using your usual communication tool • Your client uploads images and the service rejects any that don't meet your requirements • Once all the images have been screened and approved they are zipped and sent to you I hope it is useful to others. Any questions? Just ask! (Also, a quick shout out to Ben Crisp for making the awesome animation! Check out his stuff at So, what has been the most ridiculous image size you've received that was not fit for purpose?
Great product! A Wonderful and helpful tool. I have two pieces feedback if you don't mind. Can you change min file size to max or add a max too? When working with web I don't want large files and would rather set that than a minimum. Also, it would be great to select which file types to include instead of listing them all. I rarely need a gif so I don't want to confuse the client and have them send me a gif instead of a png. Thanks for listening!!
@david_yayac Thanks for your reply David. Any and all feedback is always welcome! The features you mentioned are both on the roadmap (and more). If you click "Get Premium" in the top right you can see the full list of functionality. Please let me know if there any anything else that would be useful to you. I was planning to monetise the service but I need to get a good feature balance for the free & paid versions. Based on the feedback I receive I will probably end up move some of the premium features to the free tier.
@beesum I didn't even see the get premium at the top! Possibly add the button next to the Let's Go button for more visibility. Just a thought. Seems a bit hidden at the top. That's enough feedback. Great job!
@david_yayac yeah, it is a bit subtle at the moment. Thanks again for the feedback
Working in an agency for a large portion of my professional career, I understand the pain that Is This Big Enough is trying to solve! The initial idea is great! There’s so much manual screening that’s required and overlooked by the client. The only thing I can see the product falling short on is getting the clients to ACTUALLY use it. Clients are very hard to sway to use or utilise new tools into their everyday routine. If you can find way to get the clients onboard then it could work.
Thanks @stefan_dunn, that is very true, as they say, you can lead a horse to water... Usually when managing clients I hand over a timeline and explain the benefits of using whatever tools we use. I stress the importance of using them in relation to our ability to deliver on time. However, this doesn't work for every client unsurprisingly. I could remove one of the inputs required for the client to send the images, that may help a little. I will see if I can come up with something else to increase client adoption. Thanks for your feedback Stefan 👍🏼