Is it down by Freshping

Check if any website is down from 5 global locations

Freshping’s ‘Is it down’ is a free website availability checker that pings a website from 5 global locations and shows its status and response time from each location.
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Hey Hunters 👋 I'm Meet Chopra from Freshping. We recently launched Freshping 2.0 on Product Hunt. If you missed it, you can view it here - link. Today, we are launching 'Is it down' by Freshping. 🤔 We often spend most of our time tweeting, slacking with teammates, talking about the day or building the next big thing with our team. But whenever one of these websites goes down and does not load even after thousand refresh, we go crazy. We try turning wifi on-off, restarting a device and everything!. 🎯 Ugh! But still, it doesn't not work. Because the website was down :D. Before doing all this and getting disappointed in the end, now you can just go to 'is it down' and check if the website is down only for you or everyone. Simple! Isn't it? ✨ Also, with 'is it down', you can check how your website is performing with the response time from 5 locations around the world in one click. You can also look at your competitors and see how they are performing. 🙏 That's it! Do try 'is it down' and let us know what you think about it in the comments below. Also, we have some more things coming up for 'is it down'. Stay tuned! Happy Monitoring! - Team Freshping
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@meetchopra I like that you guys made this and can see using it BUT... (Real world feedback) Unless there's a screenshot of the website included in a manual check then non-technical people won't "get it". They won't understand a bar chart and "Response time". They want to see a picture of what other people are seeing even if they themselves can't see the website. For this reason, this tool won't replace for me anytime soon. Add screenshots, and I'll be sending people to Freshping's Is it down all the time.
@j_holtslander Hey Jay! Really appreciate of you taking time and giving your feedback. I understand your point, and we will try to see if we can add a live picture of the website. Let us know if you more suggestions, and thanks again for the feedback🙂
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Been using freshworks products for just a couple of months and I'm amazed by the amount of features they launch and the quality of their products. Beautiful design, awesome performance, great value prop and most of the times for free. Thank you makers 🙏
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@ferminrp Thanks a lot Fermin! Your kind words made our day! The appreciation we get from customers like you fuels us to build quality products.
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This is an awesome service to provide free to small businesses! That said, when I first caught the name on the PH feed, I read it as an abbreviation for "free shipping" and thought it was a delivery management thing. Not sure if that's just me, but I wanted to share the thought. :)
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@pachanas No, I made the same mistake, so not just you. Still, it's only a momentary stumble, I caught on quick enough.
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@pachanas @danie_benedict haha, we might not be delivery management tool, but we are shipping quite a few free products 😉. Do check them out and give them a try.
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wow. right on the time. was looking for the solution for my site.
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@keyul wow! That's great! Let us know if you have any feedback :)
Interesting, but not sure this is something that would see much use on a regular basis? Still, it has that freshping clean and efficient look - great work!
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@timothy_shim Thanks a lot for the feedback Timothy! With 'Is it down' we trying to solve a small problem which sometimes can be bit of pain :)
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