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Hello everyone! Super excited to be launching the very first version of Iris. She's just a baby AI right now, and our first step on a long journey. What we want to achieve - our moon shot - is an Artificial Intelligence that can read all of the world's scientific research, and help us humans connect the dots across disciplines. We truly believe that as human beings, we've already discovered the solutions to most of our pressing problems - but these solutions are scattered puzzle pieces; research papers, conference memos, online forum discussions... If we could only read and make sense of everything, we'd be able to implement the solutions! Happy to answer any questions - and if you want to help us train our AI, join us:
@twitnitnit So you parse TED talk, and find actual scientific papers that given talk refers to? If so, this is the coolest project I've seen on PH!
@ghromis Well, almost! We don't find the papers that the talk build on specifically, but we find papers that are relevant to what the talk is about. So it's highly contextual to the TED talk, yes, but may or may not be the exact papers the speakers have been using. They could also be opposing views, or topics touched upon by the speaker but not the core focus of their work. Does that make sense? Hope we're still up there in coolness ;)
Fantastic work @twitnitnit and so very useful. Can't wait to see what else you do with Iris. My only pondering's are when the search has been executed and you are on the ted talk map page It may good to enable end-users the ability to add a new url where it says and I quote - " here are the topics I identified, and relevant papers. Go explore!". Although it is not a text input area and is just static text. The area does feel like a text box where you could add a new url and commit to another search. Could be wrong. Yet just an initial first feeling when using Iris. Albeit it not having a notable search icon. Would also save time for the user instead of having to open the menu up to select: Search New Ted. Additional future food for thought for any integration's with Iris. Look at a possible integration with Paper ( and Ulysses ( Could be an interesting combination. For those writing papers and using Iris for research purposes.
@duncanaforbes Thank you! And yes, this is just the first little step. :) And thanks for your suggestions! Actually, we really wanted to push a search bar like you describe before launch, but alas, there was no time. Definitely high up on the road map though - anything to avoid more click-arounds than necessary. We've been talking to a few players similar to the two you mention, but I'll definitely look closer into these ones as well. We play well with others ;)
Very cool. Keep up the good work.
@moofaces Thank you! A long way to go, but one step at a time and we'll get there ;)
Hi @twitnitnit!, really cool project, i've a few questions - What AI algorithm are you using? - How did your trained it?, TED talks where the dataset? Thanks
@neeph Thanks!! We're using a mix of a few different algorithms - some open source and some proprietary. We are planning to release them open source - when we've grown a little bit :) Yes, the TED talks are the initial dataset for this first tool. It was a nice little data set to start with. We are purely unsupervised for now, but we will add some supervised learning to the mix with our next big version launch. (hence our building of an AI trainer fellowship:
@twitnitnit @neeph I'm fascinated with the logic behind AI algorithms like this :-) Is there any way to be put on a mailing list for any white papers, etc. you might be sharing publicly?
@chayacooper @neeph So are we ;) For sure! We don't have a specific mailing list for that right now, but we'll be announcing it in our newsletter, so feel free to sign up for that one if you like: We'll also be posting some more write-ups of our technology on our blog ( which in turn will be shared on our Facebook page ( and Twitter ( So follow any of those for updates :)