iPhone X

Apple’s most advanced iPhone yet with a 5.8" OLED display

#2 Product of the MonthSeptember 2017

iPhone X is Apple's long-awaited & extensively leaked special version of the iPhone, with a full-screen OLED display, Animoji support, and much more.

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  • Ashish BogawatUX Designer, gamer, geek...

    Display and camera improvements look promising


    No touch ID, no buttons, no headphone jack (😎)

    I don't think completely removing touch ID is a smart idea. There are situations where I don't want to bring the phone to my face to unlock. Gestures don't work for everyone. I still prefer Android's on-screen buttons to a completely gesture-based invisible UI for basic tasks.

    Ashish Bogawat has never used this product.
  • Evan HennessyWeb Designer, Longbeard Creative

    Big Screen to Body ratio, Face ID


    Status Bar UI seems strange

    I think they could have leveraged the OLED tech to make the status bar blend in with the casing. They could have used 3Dtouch to provide a home-button-esque feel when interacting with the bottom gesture bar.

    Evan Hennessy has never used this product.


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Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
FaceID will steal your soul after 3 failed attempts. (my best tweet of the event)
B's Knees@bellauccella · School Psychologist/Geek Extraordinaire
@nivo0o0 solid tweet
Mike@seekwell_io · SeekWell.io
@nivo0o0 Nah, it's the most advanced, natural, and intuitive exfoliation experience ever on a smartphone.
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
This "iPhone X first look" from the Verge is super interesting. For one thing, it will take a day or two to get used to the new swipe up on left/right side of the screen and learning the new app gestures. But more importantly... Face ID. It seems like all you have to do to unlock somebody's phone is point it at the person, and it will work, no matter what, as long as they have their eyes open. 😨
Seth Kerr@thesethkerr · CTO @ Oak Technology Solutions
@nivo0o0 you lose a part of your soul every time you use Animojis
Soufian Malih@malihsoufian · Founder & product @ https://haash.io
@nivo0o0 Re: what if someone steals an #iphoneX and points it to the owner's face? All it takes for Apple is pairing fingerprints ID of the hand holding the phone with the FaceID.
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This may be the biggest update to the iPhone in the last several years. It's expensive but I think I'll pull the trigger. Thoughts?
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
@rrhoover I'm still wondering how to unlock it without Face ID (let's say something is broken); the back to home seems intuitive, but I'm curious to try the multitasking, knowing how I'm (we, I guess) using the phone with fast gestures I may end up in the Home all the time. Btw, it looks definitely cool and honestly I thought it was more expensive (same for the 8). I think the camera part at the top it will be super annoying when watching videos in landscape tho. Also, I'm wondering one more thing, where's the iPhone 9?
Caleb Ulffers@calebulf · Startup in progress
@rrhoover @mrdobelina it happened during the demo - when face ID didn't work it came up with passcode - similar to when your touchID doesn't work.
Sridhar Easwaran@madhu_sridhar · Software Engineer in Test
@rrhoover @mrdobelina when faceId doesn't work, we get to unlock with passcode
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
@calebulf ah you're right, I remember something weird happened when the demo started. So from now on is either face or type your code. I'm not sure is that great compared to Touch ID. I'm talking to someone and need to unlock the phone "ehm sorry let me watch my phone instead of you so I can show you pics of cute cats"
Product Hunt@producthunt
@rrhoover we need an office phone 💅
Sarthak Grover@sarthakgrover · Consumer Tech 
@rrhoover @mrdobelina @calebulf I've seen that happen on the iPad. Usually it requires your pass code after a week or so of using touchID and has the exact same message 'to continue using your touchID you need to enter your passcode'. I believe that's what happened here as well, someone forgot about that edge case.
Eduardo Alberto@ebsalberto · CTO @ Maxihost
@rrhoover I was surprised about how much better multitasking will become, specially sliding between apps. Not so sure about Face ID. I like unlocking the phone while it's in my pocket and do that often. Other than that, I believe the X remedies the lack of innovation from the past couple of years. Thinking of pulling the trigger too.
Arjun Paliath@torchaj · Freshchat @Freshworks
@mrdobelina also if you haven't set up face ID you can unlock using the standard 6 digit or 4 digit pin. But what I'm wondering is if Airpower will work on a Series 2 Apple watch🤔
Sarthak Grover@sarthakgrover · Consumer Tech 
@rrhoover I'm on the fence. The unlocking seems a little slower than the usual touchID mechanism and requires eye contact of some kind (followed by a swipe to enter the home screen) . Also, the camera tray at the top was annoying me during video playbacks and photo compositions. Might have to check it out in-person. But such a gorgeous phone otherwise.
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
@rrhoover absolutely. It's an entire media production studio in your pocket. Worth every penny.
Vishva Thejeshwar@vishva_thejeshwar · Py/js dev;
Adam Davies@adammydesign · Web Developer
@rrhoover @sarthakgrover I imagine like on the iphones with touch id there is an option to unlock directly to home screen or like it is now. Had the same thing with my SE where it would show unlocked icon and then required a press. This is assumption not for sure but 99% sure it will be an option.
Varun Dave@varundave · Varun Dave
@rrhoover It's an excellent new launch, but I am still the one for Essential PH-1. Hopefully Essential launches soon outside US.
Sarthak Grover@sarthakgrover · Consumer Tech 
@rrhoover @adammydesign Agreed, I think they are pushing the release out a few weeks perhaps to balance the demand but also to fine tune the UX, so I expect a lot of these minor tweaks (with great impact on the UX) will be coming up. I've been thinking of the video playback cropping issue as well (due to the front camera tray) and feel that is an easy software solution that can be delivered by the app developers to limit the video playback width just at the edge of the tray (and balance it out at the other end of the screen as well). Or perhaps it is simply an option in the settings that you can select for playback size restriction depending on what you prefer.
Gezim Hoxha@happygezim · CEO, HNdigest.com
@rrhoover Apple releasing both 8 and X on same day is a brilliant way to hike the price. If they didn't release 8 to price anchor everyone would have bulked at the price.
Leon Calcutt@leon_calcutt · Solo dev making weather apps
@mrdobelina TouchID isn't perfect by any means. If don't have your finger flush across the home button or have any moisture on them at all, well its shaky screen and 'try again'. Also every purchase or lock screen in an app that requiring validation brings up the Touch ID prompt and you need adjust your hand to set the finger on the home button. Might seem rather trivial, but imagine if there was no prompt at all! That's what facial recognition could do.
Adam DePasqua@adamdepasqua · Founder of To Eat List
@rrhoover I'm pulling the trigger. I don't like the notch, but my child-like hands are really going to appreciate a 5.8 inch screen size in a phone that isn't the size of an iPhone Plus.
Bryan Bell@bryan_bell
@rrhoover The 256gb iPhone 7 Plus was over $1,200 if I remember correctly. I don't know why everyone is freaking out about the X.
Alex@alexgoodison · Founder of Swiipe
Anyone else underwhelmed?
Scott@scotty_mcq · Electrical Designer
@alexgoodison definitely. Especially compared to like the S8 and company. If it came out last year, then I would be more wowed.
Alex@alexgoodison · Founder of Swiipe
@scotty_mcq Yes. Apple making a big deal out of wireless charging even though Samsung has had that for 2 years now? (or more, correct me if I am wrong) Not buying the Animoji gimmick and I don't know if they realised that Snapchat has been doing face filters for 2 years now. Switching from TouchID is also a huge risk. As an iOS developer, I am worried
Ernest Oppetit@ernopp · PM @ Improbable
As an iOS dev, no enthusiasm for #ARKit?
Alex@alexgoodison · Founder of Swiipe
@ernopp I’ve been using Qualcomm’s Vuforia for a while which has worked quite well. ARKit only works on 6s and above aswell. Another gimmick??
Simon Bromberg@shimmb · Technical Lead @DashMD , sbromberg.com
@alexgoodison well during the keynote Craig Federighi pulled up Snapchat and was playing with the face filters, I think to demonstrate AR on the new iPhone.
Leon Calcutt@leon_calcutt · Solo dev making weather apps
@scotty_mcq @alexgoodison Wireless charging is new tech for apple devices and is worth mentioning regardless of whether it's been on Android for a year. Animoji might well be a gimmick from your point of view, but the iPhone is a phone, sending messages is one of its primary features. Any updates regarding messaging are worth mentioning. You also need to consider the facial technology behind the animoji demo and possibilities its presents. I would like to see a day where I never have to enter a username/password again, maybe there's something facial recognition can do about that, who knows.
Steffi@mistakenlyiteps · Builder of mobile apps, Deal Grocer
@scotty_mcq Its quite often that Apple always come late these days. What makes them is that they tend to overtake everyone ahead of them using the same but enhanced tech. In iPhoneX, the aesthetic and tech is not new but at the end of the day its still better than its current competitors. Not to mention that X surpasses S8 performance.
Alex@alexgoodison · Founder of Swiipe
@shimmb But Snapchat has had them for 2 years...
Alex@alexgoodison · Founder of Swiipe
@scotty_mcq @leon_calcutt Doesn't Windows have a facial recognition to login? Yes, it may not have the infrared TrueDepth gimmick that the iPhone X has but it's still facial recognition. Btw, I have a Mac and use an iPhone every day
Scott@scotty_mcq · Electrical Designer
@alexgoodison actually windows hello aka intel realsense does use infrared depth.
Alex@alexgoodison · Founder of Swiipe
@scotty_mcq I stand corrected. What's so new with TrueDepth so?
Leon Calcutt@leon_calcutt · Solo dev making weather apps
@alexgoodison I don't understand your point. The demos are clearly to show what's new in next gen iPhones compared to its predecessors. The fact that 'x' tech might exist in some unrelated device or software has no bearing on whether it should be in the demo. You also need to take an overall view of the device and see how the new features and tech are combined together to create a new experience. Simply saying 'well such and such tech exists here so big deal' is a shallow view of the latest changes and doesn't consider the quality of the tech, how it is integrated into the device and the OS, and how these new features work together to create an overall improved user experience.
Joseph Hsieh@webjoe · Growth.
I get the bezel-less edge-to-edge screen appeal, but that top-notch is a bit annoying in video playbacks. Is it just me or do I just have to just get use to it?
Scott@scotty_mcq · Electrical Designer
@webjoe I kinda liked the essential where it was just a little dot but at least they don't use the status area for video playback. That seems... dumb.
Jack Reichert@jackreichert · Full Stack Philosopher
@webjoe pretty sure there will be black bars in video playback. It's mostly with ar/camera where that will get in the way. That being said, I DO think Steve would have found a way to hide that.
Zach Dubos@zduboss · Building robots @ FTC
The Animoji look sick. I’d rock the unicorn one.🦄🦄🦄
Ryan Lieb@ryan_lieb · Living Life
@zduboss One of the best parts are the Animoji's
Steffi@mistakenlyiteps · Builder of mobile apps, Deal Grocer
@zduboss oh yeah! This is going to be fun!