iPad (7th Gen)

New features for Apple's most popular tablet

Featuring a 10.2-inch Retina Display, Apple Pencil and smart keyboard support, and iPadOS for powerful multitasking and creative capabilities
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Josh RolphFounder, Paleoflow
I use it to swat flies
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I haven't bought an iPad since the 1st Gen. I've been thinking of picking one up but still unsure if it will fill a use case not already served by my Macbook or iPhone. I'm curious, for those of you that have an iPad, what do you use it for? 🤔
Ankit Ghosh19 and trying make web cool
@rrhoover I use it for netflix and some like stuff like fixing any typo on my site or to check analytics. Comes handy.
@rrhoover the 12.9" iPad has been a great ebook reader (paper is dead to me) and a good touch interface for Google Photos. At work, I switch between my Mac, PC and iPad frequently because sometimes a cheap or free app does a task faster. Apple Pencil is very good for sketching/drawing and there are touch based music creation tools that feel near perfect on a big touch surface.
Andreas Duess
CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@rrhoover I use mine as a notepad. Apple Notes, finally, work well and I use the Apple pencil for sketching and annotating. The main benefit for me is that all my notes are on . all of my devices.
Chuck KahnAssistant Editor, Freelance
@rrhoover I use mine to watch Instagram stories, as a HomeKit hub, and to edit Insta360 ONEX videos.
Stoyan DaskaloffUI&UX artist
@rrhoover bought it for sketching ended up using it for netflix only....
Trell WestContent Creator, Social Media Manager
It's really unfortunate for customers that the "new" iPad lacks the new A13 chip and uses the same A10 processor as the the previous gen's. Womp womp womp
Paul HigginsTech evangelist
I am like you, deciding to get one again. I find typing on my iPhone in certain apps with two hands hard. I am concerned it may not be 5G capable. Any thoughts?
Murray LeslieMultimedia producer
Good low price entry model, expect it will be popular in K-12