iOS Design Course

The Complete iOS Design Course with Sketch from Bitfountain

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Co-creator of the course here to answer any questions you may have. Also, our Mini iOS 8 Course is FREE for all Product Hunt users here:
The last two times a course by @azzikid and @eliotarntz was on PH they KILLED it with over 400 upvotes each. Since they just launched their design course today, figured this would be a great time to get them back on the Hunt. Question - I think this is the first major course under the Bitfountain brand that you guys haven't developed yourself. Has handing off the content creation process while ensuring brand quality been a challenging process?
@ankurnagpal although we aren't developing the entire course ourselves (because we aren't designers), we are intimately involved in helping to ensure that our teaching methodology (learn by building) is always a focus. It's always a challenge to find a person who embodies the same principles as us - community and immersive content at all times. Many people want to throw out a few video tutorials and cash out on that. Bitfountain as always been about being an immersive one-stop-shop for people learning a particular skill. Khari, our designer, didn't need to be convinced that this methodology was lacking in design education. His bullish commitment to building the best online design course has eased a lot of the challenges that one would typically expect when incorporating new people into the culture.
Thanks for posting this. I'm going through the iOS 8 (Swift) course now. Maybe I'll do this one too.
@erictwillis hope you are enjoying the Swift course!