iOS Cookies

A hand curated collection of iOS libraries written in Swift

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Awesome set of iOS libraries written in Swift. Curation is especially useful with so many different libs out there.
Nice!! Good find. Been working hard with Swift lately, a solid reference source helps
@adamkornfield Thanks Adam!
Appreciate to be here! New libraries and categories will be added. Feel free to suggest any library ;)
Very resourceful! I hope it gets updated regularly.
@kevinayuque Thank you Kevin! I'll do my best to keep it updated. I've already received suggestion for a nice library. Since it was popular on github with dozen of commits and contributors, and had popular Obj-C version on github as well, I've added it :)
@bardonadam I wonder what that library is 👀. A "Recently added" section would be nice! hehe
@kevinayuque That's a great suggestion, I'll add new section featuring recently added libraries ;) Oh, and it was
Awesome! @allen6131 Check this out.