iOS 8 GUI PSD (iPhone 6)

A Photoshop template of GUI elements found in iOS 8.

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Thanks for posting this. We hope that people keep making great things with it.
@gt your old version is probably the most widely used template on the internet today... this is a community service
@guygal @gt It's been our way of saying thanks, to a community that's given us a ton. Sketch version will be landing soon too.
Teehan + Lax just released this bad ass template of GUI elements found in iOS 8. Happy designing.
Hey Geoff, Maybe 2 years ago I asked Jon on Twitter about the download count and he said near 1m, can you reveal any numbers on how many you've had on all the sets over the years in total? What do you think design studios/agencies can learn from the success of the kit? I think it's probably in every UI designers toolbox, what has that done for your business/reputation, have you ever tracked a biz lead/hire from the PSD?
@mutlu82 We had pretty bad tracking in the early days so we don't really know. We can pull some numbers for the more recent versions which will be more accurate. I'll let @gt answer the other questions.
@mutlu82 It's hard to say for sure. We did a terrible job of tracking this in the early days. We could see page visits, but not downloads for the first version or two. I haven't check in a year or so, but it certainly in the millions. EDIT: Apologies—Jon and I were answering at the same time. I think the big takeaway with this thing, is that sharing something useful for free is more valuable than charging for it. We give it away and people use it. In return, we get thanks and build up reputation amongst our peers and prospects. While I'm sure we could be making decent money off of charging for it, I think we're further ahead by not doing so. One year, we did experiment with charging for it. We did a pay what you want type thing. We made a few grand. I can't imaging Teehan+Lax charging for this now.
@gt at least our answers were consistent.
The PSD has been downloaded 365,000 times since April 2013. It averages about 250,000 downloads a year.
Will there be a 6 Plus version? And I know Sketch is supposed to be "soon" but does that mean days or weeks =P
@kennycheny No date yet for Sketch. @tylr has been doing the Sketch conversion for us for the past year or so. He had to wait on us before he could get too far. He's a busy guy too, so we'll wait with patience ;) As for 6 Plus, I'm not sure there will be a PSD. I did have someone literally 5 minutes ago offer to do a Sketch 6 Plus for us—so maybe? We tend to prioritize the most popular devices, first. So this time it was iPhone 6 in Photoshop, then Sketch. I'd think we'd do iPad before we do 6 Plus. Hope that helps.
@gt @kennycheny Yup I'm working on it but I've been super sick lately and slammed with regular work. Thanks for the patience!
@gt @kennycheny That @tylr does some good work. Thanks for putting this together guys!