iOS 8

The new iOS—Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else.

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I'm very excited about interactive notifications and widgets. I had mocked up something very similar (with a Product Hunt cameo) over the weekend so it's cool to see how Apple has expanded functionality outside of apps.
Enhancements to Photos are also a welcome change. I've been using
@adamsigel Agree with you on both fronts, Adam. - I haven't been a big fan of notifications in previous versions of iOS (too many trivial updates), so I've turned them off for the most part. There's lots of potential for this medium though, and it's great to see it becoming more interactive and useful. - I know a lot of families (mine included) that use Photos + iCloud to share photos. So it's great to see some improvements there. Search and Time Lapse look great. I hope the Shared Photo Stream UI gets cleaned up.
Loving the updates to messages as well, especially around group messaging. Solving lots of headaches there.
Love everything except that they added blab to iMessage ;)