iOS 12

Making your device faster, responsive and delightful 📱

iOS 12 changes the way iOS users see the world using AR, makes communications fun and expressive with Memoji and Group FaceTime, and with Screen Time, helps customers understand and take control of the time they spend interacting with their iOS devices.

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Why is this here when it’s coming this fall?
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@frenchie_m Agreed. They really need separate sections for products that do not exist yet, or a clear identifier of it in the tags/color scheme
@frenchie_m I’d say for makers, iOS 12 was released yesterday. If you’re building apps or products based on apps right now, you might want to get into Xcode 10 right away to be ready for the public this fall :) (ARKit 2 is what I have in mind, as my studio is starting to work on it right now)
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@frenchie_m @josselinco Yes, we're going to be getting this so QA can take a look ASAP/.
@frenchie_m it’s not here in fall, it’s here now. I installed it on my device this morning.
@frenchie_m @manny_orduna there's a little (clickable) greyish circle next to the name that indicates it's pre-launch. But I agree, it's not very intuitive. PH often features pre-launch products though.
What are you most excited about for iOS 12? I'm a big fan of the do not disturb features that were introduced. They're a relatively small feature but have the potential to make the device less noisy, more calming.
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@rrhoover Ditto on the do not disturb features 👍✨
@rrhoover Parental control is nice when kids are addicted. Let them blame machine but not you 💪
@rrhoover screen time looks cool!
@rrhoover yes! +1 on the do not disturb updates. Especially the bedtime mode 😴 #2 for me is grouped notifications.
The combo of do not disturb + Screen time + Shortcuts will had extra hours to my day! 🕺🏽
I'd say overall a launch that comes with many useful features, but should have been an 11.5 update, rather than a brand new launch. None of the features are innovative, when you consider what Google are offering. I love my Apple products and I am not looking to change very soon, but I wish they could offer something different and innovative.
@jmckinven What did Google offer that's so much more innovative? I think Apples new Digital Wellbeeing / Privacy Features are way better than the ones from Google...
@fabe_45 Machine learning, AI, actually using new technology that can benefit us in long term. Apple - grouped notifications, group facetime & a ruler. Come on Apple.
@jmckinven How do you define a feature that will on benefit us in short-term then? They're not going to add grouped notifications, group FaceTime or a ruler temporarily. If by long term features you mean those that are larger than an UI update then there was Machine learning in Siri notifications and Shortcuts as a Siri overhaul alongside with the major AR update.
@pwign blimey. Siri shortcuts were just a reason to delete the Workflow app, not innovative at all. Siri notifications is something Google has been doing for years. What you're not understanding is that I love Apple, I have an iPhone and I am not going to change. The system is just more stable for me. I am also not complaining, I just wish Apple would bring out some actual 'new' features in a major update, instead of just regurgitating Google features.
@jmckinven I think this statement is pretty crazy. No-one is offering the privacy and “screen time” benefits of ios12. I think they are pretty game changing pieces of functionality.

It's a beta software, obviously has bugs, but the performance is impressive.


Groups notifications and performance!


Not able to daily driver, yet!

I was quite underwhelmed. A memoji? Hmm