Application operations platform for serverless

IOpipe is an application operations platform built for serverless architectures running on AWS Lambda. Through the collection of high fidelity telemetry within Lambda invocations, users can quickly correlate important data points to discover anomalies and identify issues. IOpipe offers tracing, profiling, metrics, monitoring, and more.

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Co-creator here. We were building serverless applications and found that there was a major lack of visibility and instrumentation when it came to debugging complex functions in AWS Lambda, so we built IOpipe to address these issues. Some highlights: • Supports AWS Lambda functions written in node.js and python • Requires no AWS credentials • A bird’s-eye view of all your functions • Get alerted in seconds when functions are misbehaving • Debug deeper with single invocation views * Investigate performance bottlenecks with tracing and profiling. I'd love to know what you think of the concept. Get in touch at if you have any specific needs. Thanks!
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Great Adam! Big fan here and IOpipe provided great insight into our Lambda stack. We since pared back from Lambda (for various reasons) but I’d definitely always instrument anything we do use with IOpipe.
Hey @adjohn1 this is awesome, congrats on the round!
@cemkozinoglu thanks so much Cem! It's been an awesome ride so far. Still so much to do :)
Great product, great team. Highly recommend. Great launch!
@austencollins It's even better coupled with the Serverless framework. :)