Ionic React

Build iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with React

Ionic React is the official React version of the popular Ionic Framework.
Ionic React provides a first-class React development experience for Web Developers building iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with standard web technology.
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We're thrilled to announce the official React version of Ionic Framework! As someone that absolutely loves React, this is personally one of my favorite Ionic launches ever and I've already built a few real apps with it. It's wonderful to be able to ship one app to iOS, Android, and the web on *day one* with the same code, something that should really resonate with other entrepreneurs and people that just need to ship. We also released a companion set of React Hooks for accessing Native APIs and more: For those that know Ionic as "Mobile for Angular," it might be time to take another look at Ionic as we now firmly support React and will be working hard to make sure Ionic works with every web development technology in use today. Ionic today powers over 10% of the Apple App Store and 15% of the Google Play Store and we're just getting started. Looking forward to your feedback and experience building apps with Ionic React!
I'm using this right now for two new startups and it's just great! Normal React developer experience combined with the Ionic UI components that have been proven and improved for years by the Ionic community. Love the latest design refresh, btw!
@david_frahm Thanks David! always appreciate your support
It has been +2 years that we start using Ionic. I wanna congratulate you guys for your dedication. The transition from an angular based app boilerplate to framework agnostic pwa builder was a huge step. Gratz! There should be Sketch/Figma/XD plugin or library to allow designers to play with your existing design system. So developers & designers can communicate much more easily.
@goksenin_gungor2 Hey, thanks so much for kind words! We've been thinking about doing this recently. What sort of components/assets would you find most valuable? We are also considering creating an Ionicons ( Figma plugin. Would that be of interest, too?
@goksenin_gungor2 Thanks! Building Ionic 4+ on web components has paid off nicely - both for the Ionic team (maintenance, bug fixes, etc.) and for our developer base (stability, easier upgrades). On the Sketch/Figma note, someone did make this:
@benjsperry I don't think you should limit that for component based stuff. The ability to play with your existing UI components would be enough in an artboard. Like micro lego pieces. Maybe, bulk theming would be powerful for this idea. For example Material Sketch plugin allows you to change look & feel of the components with some simple steps. You should consider that approach maybe.
@benjsperry I know this is a huge work load but the ability to produce theme for designers is a big need I think. Figma might have some tools to export that theme for developers. I am sure that with Sketch it will be a tough communication.
As an Angular developer currently learning React, my favorite part about Ionic React is that there's nothing custom to learn - it's just React! It embraces standard tooling (and built-in best practices) too, such as React Testing Library, React Router, etc. which makes working with it even easier.
I've been using Ionic to develop my mobile projects since version 3 and definitely it's a great and my favorite framework for cross-platform mobile development. It has reduced enormously our development cost as a company, and as a developer my life has become easier.
@enriqued93 Thanks for being a longtime supporter! Love hearing your success :)