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Please consider changing your name. Unless you're a member of the 18 Sherpa clans, you're appropriating a culture for your branding. For more information, please see and https://reclaimingsherpa.wordpre... .
@jeremiahlee that's a bit of a stretch. it's not derogatory, like using, I don't know..."jungleman" as a product name is.
@thejeremycarson When people use "Sherpa" to mean "guide", they're reducing a vibrant group of people to one job. Many Sherpa people have spoken out that they do not like their identity being appropriated in this manner. People who are not Sherpa don't get to decide whether using their identity is derogatory or not. (I'm not the creator of Jungleman deodorant. Regardless, that was a misdirection.)
This mixed with PaidAPI would be the most killer offering.