InVision V7

Two years in the making, rebuilt from scratch.


The new InVision—codename: V7—runs on an entirely new code base, is remarkably fast, and redefines collaboration across teams and stakeholders. It also comes with a whole new look.

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Designer @ Huddle

Great product launch! Got me hyped.

I would be interested to know why a big rewrite and not incremental improvements throughout the last 2 years?

How do you measure success of InVision v7?

e.g. Will 8x faster increase user's engagement?

Although it's not really clear yet what the benefits are of v7 above the previous version (other than something is up to 8x faster). I do sense re-platforming will enable InVision to iterate faster and set them up to work better with big enterprises.


8x faster...


Unclear what the benefit of v7 is to me as a designer (yet)

Founder - Storyboard Social
Love this app! However it can be a little slow and painful with commenting.
Ui/Ux Designer

Keep it up!


It's much faster now which is great! I look forward to testing this out in a real world project.


No cons from what I can tell. InVision is always putting out great work. Cheers!

Digital Designer (UI/UX/Web)

Unreleased product with a lot marketing blah blah.


Since it's still not out at this moment, I can't say there are pros compared to earlier versions yet.


Well where is it?

UX at

I hope to get my hands on it sometime this year.


I like the idea of spaces.


It's almost end of Q1 2019 and we're still waiting for the launch.

@vishu17 lol… we're into 2021, still waiting…