The new InVision—codename: V7—runs on an entirely new code base, is remarkably fast, and redefines collaboration across teams and stakeholders. It also comes with a whole new look.

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Clark from InVision here. I’m excited to announce InVision V7, coming in 2018. We’ve spent the last two years rebuilding InVision from the ground up. We tore it apart and started over—and we think you’ll be pleased with the results. The new InVision is up to 8x faster, redefines collaboration, and has a whole new look. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. PH friends: Make sure to get add yourself to the waiting list to be among the first to get access:
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@clarkvalberg This is awesome to see, Clark. Can't wait to use it. Congrats on the launch and keep doing what you're doing!
@clarkvalberg Looks amazing - can't wait to give it a go. I get so many emails filled with different InVision links, Spaces will solve this. Congrats 🎉
@clarkvalberg super cool. I was hoping you and your team were secretly working on a super-revamp. Very excited to see and feel how it works and improves the daily flow.
@clarkvalberg I signed up for early access but haven't received anything yet - are you offering access to the Product Hunt community or is this just a teaser?
@clarkvalberg look forward to checking out the revamp. Recently did demos for a dozen proofing software programs and yours was a standout. Nice work!!
I'm loving the stuff InVision is putting out this year and next, but I do wish the examples they'd show would reflect more realistic websites and apps. This and Studio seem to cover a lot of the same interactions, use cases and design styles. The most important thing for me in a design tool is knowing it can cover any base, any design style and any interaction. A lot of the demos so far have been side-swiping, picture fading, highly designed nonsense. That's not really a great reflection on the apps and websites being built today.
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@ryanamurphy I agree. The examples are overly designed to sell people in on the service (which i get) but then you are not 100% confident that you wont have pitfalls when it comes to realistic applications and flexibility for real use cases. Still a fantastic product. Maybe they need a "made with" showcase.
@ryanamurphy Well you'll always have existing working methods to fall back onto if this doesn't do it all for you.
@ryanamurphy Totally agree. However, there will always be a realistic use case which will not be reflected by examples. No matter what example you choose. A collection of very different showcases could solve that maybe.
Why is this here? It has not released yet. As far as I know, they are not offering early access to anyone who wants it. What's the point of listing this here if folks can't use it? I see people are already posting reviews without even having tried the damn thing!
@abogawat Because of "8x faster" marketing blah blah. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@abogawat @dwardt Hahah So true. This shouldn't have been listed here. This is product hunt, where products that are ready to be used not product ready for invite. lol
"Slow down, Clark!" —The Flash
I love the idea of making well-designed prototypes with team collaboration and without a single line of code.