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Really excited about the first in a whole new suite of designs collaboration tools coming from InVision. You can use Tours to... * Walk stakeholders through an entire experience, and focus attention on key elements * Provide design insight / rationale * Call out specific details for targeted feedback (a great way to say “Help, please” to your copywriter) * Highlight updates you made based on previous feedback * Present designs or iterations that aren’t ready for, or don’t need a full prototype * Create quick this-or-that tests: “Which do you like better? This one or that one?” ... and a whole lot more Would love to hear how you make it part of your workflow -- drop me a line anytime - clark@invisionapp.com
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YES! We recently did some site user testing (h/t Peek by UserTesting) and plan to do the same for design concepts we're exploring.
@rrhoover Thank for the love man. Expect to see some exciting Peek / InVision magic happening real soon #leak!
Clark, Thanks for brining this feature at the right time. We were just exploring other tools which could do that. And you made us fall in love with Invision all over again.
Beyond excited to use this. We've been dying to be able to explain pieces of prototypes during user research studies. This is exactly what I needed. You guys are nailing it.
Fucking amazing! Love it!