InVision Studio is the world's most powerful screen design tool

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I see you're putting last year's $55M raise to good use. This might be the biggest expansion to the platform yet. Any chance you can give the PH community early access, @clarkvalberg? We have so many designers that I'm sure would be eager to provide feedback and beta test. 😊
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@rrhoover Absolutely, let's get in touch and make that happen!
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@clarkvalberg I'll drop you an email today. I have an ideaaaaaa. 😊
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@clarkvalberg @rrhoover Yes, early accept pls :)
@clarkvalberg How can we get a license to test it? My colleagues and me are totally stoked about your product. We're using Sketch with your InVision products on a daily base and would love to give feedback on how it flows :)
Clark from InVision here. I’m excited to announce InVision Studio, the world’s most powerful screen design tool. InVision Studio is completely comprehensive, with features that empower creativity and collaboration across every dimension of the screen: responsive layout, rapid prototyping, advanced animation, shared design systems, seamless collaboration, all in one place. We approached InVision Studio with a deep understanding of the art and science of digital product design, insights gained by working closely with the world’s best design teams and finding inspiration in how they create the world's most beloved digital products. We crafted every pixel of InVision Studio to answer their needs and harness their power. Now, that power is yours. This is the design tool we’ve always wanted. We’re excited to share it with you.
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@clarkvalberg would love to test this out. Looks fantastic.
@clarkvalberg This is for sure more than I ever expected! Congrats InVision!
@clarkvalberg At last! this is exciting!
@clarkvalberg Asking the obvious: what sets you apart from Sketch?
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@clarkvalberg Congrats Clark! Crushing it!
Very excited about the potential here. I love Sketch and am learning to enjoy Principle, but an integrated tool could be very beneficial to my team's workflow.
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@chrismessina Thanks Chris- looking forward to sharing more with you in the near future. :)

Linux version should be created as well


Cool design


Linux users are always left out when it comes to design tools :(

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I don't want to be disrespectful man, but if no designers use Linux, would you spend time, money and effort to dev a tool on it for your first release ? No is 100% the answer.
Damn. This is a seriously needed product. All I wanna know is when does team InVision sleep?! Congrats @clarkvalberg!!!
@clarkvalberg @hilzfuld A distributed team never sleeps!
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