InVision + Slack

Changes to your projects now auto-sync with Slack

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 18, 2015
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This is awesome! 😁But hey @rrhoover, posting new features of a product is allowed now?
@imkarthikk new iterations and large features have always been allowed but it's admittedly subjective. Not every dot version should be on PH.
@rrhoover Being honest. I always look out for new products on PH. Love it that way.
@imkarthikk thanks for the input. I'd argue that "2.0" releases are often completely different products.
@ourielohayon why you hating. @Billykiely @ClarkValberg They just keep making dope shit every day & stand out of the crowd w/ all their design tools and features. We should all learn from these guys and be able to constantly challenge ourselves to strive for more and serve our customers needs.
Cool. Are there plans for more integrations coming soon?
@alangarrec Yes there are :)
one question to PH team: i totally love invision but do we have to have a new invision showcase at every product update?
@ourielohayon @rrhoover, even Ohayon has the same thought. Have seen Invision pretty frequently.!/s/...
Hey All! Very excited to have this out. We live in Slack at InVision as many product / design teams do. Being able to watch a feed of how projects are progressing has really helped our team stay in sync at a glance. We're working on syncing personal notifications to Slack (mentions, etc.) as well with our release of Inbox... Stay tuned!