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InVision mobile app–now with Studio Mirroring and Freehand

Today we’re excited to introduce the latest update to our InVision mobile app for iOS and Android (beta). The new app adds Studio mirroring for mobile design reviews (starting with iOS), Freehand support that brings a collaborative canvas to tablets, and several performance upgrades on Android.

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Clark from InVision here. We’re excited to release a major update of our mobile app. Now you can use Freehand on tablets through a native app. And for InVision Studio fans (our new desktop screen design tool), you can now mirror your mobile designs for real-time feedback. Let us know what you think!
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@clarkvalberg Congrats! The real-time feedback is a game changer, no doubt
@clarkvalberg awesomeness! Using InVision has made our design process and approval super fast and exciting! Thank you for creating such an awesome product!
Always impressive and inspiring! Thank you Clark and InVision for leading the way!
Nice! 👍🏼One question though — How do cursors work on a mobile app? 😅

I love being able to work collaboratively on my iPad with my team. I don't have to be at my desk to do it now!


New Freehand integration is AMAZING


Not REALLY. The Android version is lagging, but they're working on it!

Where is my InVision Studio for Windows :(