InVision LiveShare PS

Real-time design presentation & collab from Photoshop

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I've been a big fan of Invision for a while. We shared mockups of a homepage that @Jonnotie's working on a month ago and received over 300 comments from the community (wow! thanks). This new Photoshop plugin looks super slick, hopefully reducing the feedback loop between design and engineering/product/marketing/etc.
InVision LiveShare PS lets you broadcast your Photoshop canvas to anyone -- anywhere. We (along with a few select beta users -- thanks guys!) have been using this to run our internal design meetings for a few months now. It's TOTALLY transformed the way we work through design problems as a team. Here's what you can do -- all absolutely FREE: * Turn your Photoshop canvas into a real-time web meeting with any number of participants. Point, sketch, voip, chat -- it's all included! * Take a quick "snap" of your canvas and get a sharable link that others can leave comments on. * Beam your Photoshop canvas directly to your mobile device for real-time, in-hand review. ... and a few more surprises on the way! So fellow Product Hunters, check out the video demo, download the plugin and let me what you think: Thanks!
invision just keeps impressing me :) i use it all day every day and this looks like one more reason for me to keep using it.
Used this today in a presentation. I continued to be impressed with Invision.