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When your whole team is on the same page, you can ship better products, faster. To help get you there, we’re excited to share 2 new powerful integrations between InVision and Atlassian: InVision + Trello, and InVision + Confluence. Just drop a link to your InVision project into a Trello card or Confluence page to generate a live, real time preview right where your team is working. Directly view project comments, launch Inspect to gather code, and easily preview your work. Inside Trello and Confluence, you can gather immediate feedback and make smarter design decisions—without ever having to leave your project management environment. Get both integrations now in the Atlassian and Trello marketplaces!
@clarkvalberg BOOM! This is awesome. Definitely going to make things more productive.
What are the other Integration Invision support currently? And what are the upcoming integration Invision going to release?
@meetchintanjain hey Mark we also have integrations with JIRA, Slack, UserTesting.com, Dropbox Paper, Sketch/Photoshop (Craft Plugins), live embeds, and more. We have an entire team dedicated to continuing to build out more extensibility options so let us know which other services you want to see in the future. :)
Amazing 😉 keep up the great work!