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InvestorDeck is deploying modern tools and data analytics to improve information sharing and engagement between investors and companies.

We leverage our internal aggregation and analytical tools, alongside crowd sourced information and third party datasets to generate data driven insights that inform investment and investor relations decisions.

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InvestorDeck makes it easy to find and share the latest investor presentations for all US listed public companies.
@kwdinc Thank you Kevin for hunting us..really appreciate it. We are building a library of information and tools that will help investors access relevant company information quickly and engage with company management teams. We plan to leverage data and use other creative discovery tools to uncover interesting stories and investment opportunities. We started with fewer than 2,000 documents in December 2016 and now have over 17,000 documents and expect to grow to 50,000 documents by the end of the year. We also have available API's which allow interested parties to pull deck's into their pages / content. Also our Chrome extension can be useful for market participants to lookup decks without leaving the page they are on. We are not only collecting company related presentations but also industry and market decks (from hedge funds, investors etc.). If you would like to contribute material that may be useful for the community, you can do it directly through the website or send us an email (helloatinvestordeckdotcom) with the pdf attached and we can take care of it for you.
Just want to clarify - InvestorDeck currently does not have any active coverage on private companies or startups. The presentations we are aggregating all primarily pertain to US listed public companies. Startups will typically keep their decks private, unless they proactively share in favor of transparency.
@paulagupta first of all, great idea, congratulations. We have a lot of private companies/startups decks available on public domain, in fact, I think there was a collection somebody shared sometime ago on PH itself. It would be nice to see at least those @investordeck
@investordeck @pravin0322 Hi Pravin - Thanks for sharing that link and checking us out. The key issue with sharing private company decks is that they need to be available publicly. A lot of the priv co / startup decks that are floating around are also slightly dated and may not align with their most recent developments or fund raise. So we dont know how useful that may be to users. As you may know, with public companies, these documents are made available to all under rule FD. We have made it easier to find those documents and are working on improving the notification process so investors can access these sooner and on the go. However, getting back to creating a section dedicated for startup decks - we do find this very intriguing and are open to building this out, with the approval of the various stake holders involved. But we are also cognizant that this will divert our focus away from serving our current target audience, which includes company management teams, sell side and buy side analyst community, IR professionals and firms, consultants and various other investors and market participants. If the PH community can work with us in creating a path to provide startup decks. We will be more than happy to pursue this.
The link is not working. Got "The service is unavailable." message.
@attacomsian should be resolved now..thank you for checking us out.
@attacomsian @paulagupta Link still shows "The service is unavailable". Any idea when the site will be back up?
@attacomsian @manuel_rappard it just went down again..sorry about this..resolving it
@attacomsian @manuel_rappard resolved..PH is bringing in the traffic..sorry about the inconvenience and appreciate you taking time to visit the site...thank you
Hi Folks - We hope you find InvestorDeck useful. We have organized all investor presentations for US public companies and made it easily accessible and shareable. Users can pull these decks up on the go on their mobile as well. We hope to capture the analytics that come with this type of engagement and share it back with the investment community.
@paulagupta +1 still getting the service not available message :(