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The simplest way for founders to keep investors informed.

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Great founders keep investors informed. Investor Updates makes that effortless.

  • Antonio Altamirano
    Antonio AltamiranoFounder, CEO at Tangelo

    Easy way to speed up your investor updates


    I wish I could add custom boxes directly in the interface

    Great for creating a good report and getting into the habit of sending one.

    Antonio Altamirano has used this product for one day.
  • Michelle Crawford
    Michelle CrawfordCEO, Society+

    Removes the tedious work out of IR.


    Wish I could import my IR google contact group

    Would also like to have a secondary group of interested

    parties. These are people who would receive a less detailed


    Michelle Crawford has used this product for one month.
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Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
Hi everyone! I haven’t launched anything on here since LaunchKit joined Google. It’s time to change that. 😊 I’ve been building this over the course of a few weekends, and it’s time to just share it publicly with the community. When running LaunchKit, I updated our investors monthly, which I thought it was very important (I wrote about that here). Many founders don’t do it because it can be a pain. So I made a simple app that helps with that. This tool is a super easy way to generate and send an update to your investors. You can send the same info to all, or only send growth / financial info to investors you designate having information rights. The tool will also automatically compare this month to past months and show how you’re growing over time. There are a few more bells and whistles too. But I’m trying to keep it simple. For people who have no problem sending updates, this probably isn’t for them. Which is fine. (Though I’d still love your feedback.) For people who need some help, give it a try! It’s free while in beta. Post-beta pricing is on the homepage. Lemme know what you think! Hope it’s useful! Brenden
Shashwat Pradhan
Shashwat Pradhan@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
@mulligan from cluster to Launchkit have been a big fan of your products! My company is bootstrapped so won't get a chance to try it, but it looks great as usual
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@shashwatpradhan thank you! And congrats on bootstrapped. That's a good place to be :)
Pulkit Agrawal
Pulkit Agrawal@_pulkitagrawal · CEO @trychameleon for user onboarding
@mulligan good problem to solve! what do you think AngelList misses in their updates capability that you're looking to better?
Ognjen Vukovic
Ognjen Vukovic@vforvukovic · User Acquisition
@mulligan Congrats on launch. I will need this product for sure. Interface looks really amazing! Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Back to your LaunchKit roots, @mulligan. 😊 A big concern founders have with sharing sensitive data is security. How is this information protected?
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@rrhoover oh I like the "PRO" badge! :) Totally hear you on security. All connections are over SSL and report data is fully encrypted before saved to the database.
Andy O'Dower
Andy O'Dower@odower · Head of Product at Snapsheet
@mulligan good to hear on security. You get lots of customers and then hacked tons of very sensitive data in here. No more/less secure than Dropbox/emails/etc I suppose. Will try it out!
Evan Zhou
Evan Zhou@evanczhou · Co-Founder, STEEZY
Perfect timing! Need to send November update haha 👍
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@evanczhou well please send feedback once you do!
James Mundy
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
Great product @mulligan, had an idea of doing something similar myself floating around after my previous startup so happy to see someone built it! Compiling the data quickly into an easy to read format was a pain, but what I think is more important is that this could be a great tool to keep you honest and updating investors when things get a bit shit. I know from my own experiences when things go south and your metrics make you feel pretty miserable it's very easy to put off sending the update until next month. Once you've skipped one month it is easier to put off the next time. Simple nudge emails if an update hasn't been sent could help remind founders that this might be the time their investors could help them the most! Looking forward to using this product in the future.
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@_jamesmundy 100% agree. Nudge emails are in there. Looking forward to seeing if they're effective :)
Anthony Sutardja
Anthony Sutardja@anthonysutardja · CEO, Parade
This looks awesome; always a plus when it looks nice too. This would definitely help keep our investors updated more frequently. That being said, the terms of service on user submission data are extremely loose on this app for me to fork over sensitive investor-only information.
Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@anthonysutardja would love more specific feedback!