Investor Updater is a tool to build monthly or quarterly progress reports to send to investors. Use it to build relationships with prospective investors, and to leverage and activate your existing investors. Research shows that founders who send regular updates have a 200% greater chance of raising your next round. Investor Updater makes you a pro.

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Big thanks to @nickatloot for hunting us! Investor Updater helps founders create beautiful progress reports to send to investors. The idea came from our users. We launched our first product, Investor CRM back in March, and since then, 2k+ startups have used it to improve their fundraising workflow. For these users, either: i) they raised money and thus needed to start reporting progress to their new VC overlords, or: ii) they were told “too early, but keep in touch” and they needed to start sending periodic updates. Diving in, we found that the investor updates / reporting / relations space was a really inefficient and broken corner of the startup landscape. Founders didn’t know what info to send, and investors were dealing with info spread across their inbox, Google drive, Dropbox and half a dozen other sites in half a dozen formats. It was (and is) a mess. With Investor Updater, we are taking a shot across the bow to clean it up, standardize the process, and make life easier for all parties involved. That’s our mission — to improve startup-to-investor relations. Happy to answer any questions, and I would love your feedback, ideas, suggestions. Thanks guys! Nathan ps for those of you who would like a longer overview, I posted more about our story on Medium: pps: if you login as a first-time Foundersuite user, the default view is our Investor CRM product. To get to the Investor Updater, click the navigation bar on the left side. :)
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I did a little search and was amazed to see that there aren't too many tools like this. super useful and right on time (1 week before a board meeting :D )
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@arielassaraf Thanks! Yeah, we realized that too. If you're a publicly-traded company, there are several investor relations software platforms, but not many exist for startups & privately-helf companies. Investor reporting is a market ripe for improvement via software. Good luck with your board meeting-- DM me if you need a board deck, agenda, minutes template, etc :)
@sailornathan be careful with what you say there :)
@arielassaraf all good! hit me up if you need any of those docs:
I can really see the value of this, these processes do indeed get quite messy sometimes. Good job guys!
@clarabeate Hi Clara, totally agree. We are "process junkies"... even though fundraising and investor relations is not rocket science, it can be confusing and anxiety-ridden (especially for first-time CEOs). But both activities can be broken down into actionable steps with software. This product is baby steps in that direction.
This looks awesome! 👏👌
@mikaelkrist why thank you very much! :) We put a lot of work into NOT adding bells and whistles, and instead keeping it super-simple and flexible.
excellent, well done indeed