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Great, simple list! How do you plan on keeping the quality consistent? Would be cool to be able to filter things like gender, type of investments, average investment etc
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@bentossell thx for submitting this here! agree on the filters - esp type of investment and average/range of investment size would be super useful
@bentossell - Right now we're reviewing all new additions manually - although in future we'd love to hand that function to the crowd with community moderation tools of some kind. Ah yes, we'd love to add those kind of advance filters! Out of interest, when you say gender, do you mean to find investors of a particular gender, or investors who have a specific interest in for e.g. female founders?
@alexpeattie I mean both :)
@alexpeattie I just tweeted to @auren from Siftery about having a site that shows all the investors/firms and the companies they are/have invested in. I like how siftery looks :)
@bentossell @auren Mmm a siftery integration of some kind is a great idea :)
Very cool, although it's missing a ton of investors based on my first look. Neither Andreessen Horowitz, betaworks, or SV Angel are listed yet. Completely understand it's early though! @alexpeattie -- curious how your planning to encourage people to crowdsource this info.
@rrhoover - Thanks! Yep, the list definitely has holes - but hopefully the submissions we're getting via the Add Investor form will allows us to plug them. We have a bit of a backlog of new investors to work our way through since being featured on PH :)..
@rrhoover There are no US investors in the original crowdsourced Google doc which was focused on the EU. You can find it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh... and one more provided by Techstars also focussing on Europe https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...
Love this. Just shared with all my 500 Startups companies.
@writerpollock cool, thanks Tristan! One day we'd love to properly open source Investor List so anyone can build on it.
This is really helpful, thanks! 👍
wow, peg is amazing - nice work! have you ever considered a white label and possibly hosted version of your index tool?
@passingnotes Aw thanks David! We do offer some white label/tailored solutions as part of Peg Enterprise, drop me a line (alex@peg.co) if it's something you're interested in chatting more about!