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#5 Product of the WeekMarch 05, 2019
Finding the right investment partner takes a funnel of interested investors. We help you build and manage your funnel.
Search, discover, connect and track investor outreach all in one place.
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Hey, I am a co-founder and CEO of Angel Match ( Your data is scraped from our database. Our developers have compared your data against ours and we see that all the mapping, data, and even the bugs are the same with ours. Our tech team has developed a specific algorithm to find and verify emails for accuracy purposes and we noticed that you even have some of the minor unverified/wrong information that we have (coincidences like that can not just happen). Would appreciate if you could address this asap!
@rashid_khasanov That made me think of an interesting strategy to stop scraping. Have links which points back to your team that only a scraper would hit, then if people call you, give them that script above and pitch your product.
@rashid_khasanov the illustrations is belong to me hmmm. they took away from me with no permission too :(
@rashid_khasanov @ryanhickmam @rrhoover This is a quite a double whammy. They stole all the data and several design components (see @yusuf_nugroho), shouldn't this be taken down?
@rashid_khasanov Our data is not scraped from the AngelMatch database. In fact you need a pro account to see our full dataset and all of it's attributes. Our core data set is 4 times larger than what is available on the Angel Match website. Our primary data comes from firms (VC, Family Offices & Angels) who reach out to us directly for deal flow looking for new companies to invest in. Additionally curation from Crunchbase, LinkedIn and Angelist which we enrich with a third party data service. We have close to 90K profiles and posted 30k of the enriched ones. As we enrich and confirm profiles we add them. Your tech team does not have a pro account and is not examining our full dataset or it's schema. They don't have the access to even quantify or compare. Not sure if your objective is self promotion (which I imagine its working successfully for you) or sabotage to our growth, nonetheless I'm responding to clarify as users want to know. Your company Angel Match sells its Data for ~$250. This data is ALL over the internet and being resold. We've seen resellers online selling your list for $10 in several forums and even $5 on fiveer. I hope this clarifies things and if you would like to get on a call to hash it out DM me and we can very much do that.
@ryanhickmam I didn’t post my message on your PH page with the intention to damage your product or self-promote myself. My main concern is that you are obviously using our database (our work) which is softly speaking very unethical and wrong. Your website is insecure and it’s easy to access your data even without signing up to your Pro account. I will not show it here publicly, but if you want to get the proof (I will gladly show you privately with our tech team). I am backing up my words with the proof that your database is taken from Angel Match. See the example here: ( I can show you many more examples, just let me know. So I don’t know how you can explain this. You’ve mentioned that you were reached out by investors directly to be added to your database, then why emails that you have are incorrect? Did they tell you wrong emails? Hardly believe so.. You are right, we provide an access to our database for $249, but people can’t simply export everything (we don’t allow bulk/large exports). Someone scraped us very slowly. Our tech team has worked and developed our own unique algorithm on getting information of investors from different sources including AngelList, Crunchbase, LinkedIn etc. The team knows all the flaws of the data, because it was gathered by them for months, and that’s why we are able to detect our database information and even bugs from the first sight. Can you back up your words with some proof/links that our database is being sold all over the internet such as Fiverr and Forums? That sounds nonsense without any proof and also how can you say with such sureness that it’s OUR LIST? Lastly, we can definitely jump on a call and I can show you all the proof that your database has our data.
To add to the "you stole my stuff" list from other people here, your logo is actually directly from our UI.
@shpigford Wow. Makers of Investor Intelligence, this is a huge blow to your credibility. Logo, dataset, artwork... What did you not steal?
@shpigford @ftxrc They did the same thing on their last release too. Copied straight from @hakimel
Hello. sorry before. but that's my illustrations actually. but this site never credit me or something like this. This is my portofolio on dribbble to prove that's my illustrations thank you, and i'll wait the explanation :)
Hey guys! We've been using a process to help companies raise capital over the last 5 years. Between a no-code product combined using Zoho, Trello and a few other tools, over the last 5 years we've helped over 47 companies raise capital totaling over $100mm. *** Use the coupon code ‘PRODUCTHUNT‘ to receive *50% off forever*. This code will expire March 31. *** We've since developed the tool out from scratch. We'd love to get your feedback on the new version of Investor Intelligence. Investor Intelligence is a tool to help companies raise capital. We created a database of over 30k+ Angel investors, family offices and VC's which you can reach out directly from the platform. It will sent the email on your behalf, track opens and engagement and help you manage your path to close your funding rounds. How does it work? Search, discover, analyze, connect and track investor outreach all in one place. Who is it for? Companies looking to raise capital from investors–Angel, Seed, Growth or late stage. We're always actively updating and enriching the database. Investor Intelligence is free to use as a research tool to learn about investors. The outreach plans start at $99/mo but we've created a special discount for Product Hunt users. Use the coupon code ‘PRODUCTHUNT‘ to receive *50% off forever*. This code will expire March 31. Thanks again!!!
When you say, "we've helped over 47 companies raise capital totaling over $100mm..." does that mean you've helped 48 companies? :D
@kraftykyle Did you guys steal data from AngelMatch? Lol
@ryanhickmam looks like you have taken @yusuf_nugroho artwork without permission I am pleased to see you have not changed it, but you have not changed your metadata. Therefore it is still visible when you share the link @rashid_khasanov data without permission AND @shpigford icons without permission Right? Anything else we should be aware of?
Yikesss............................................@ryanhickmam @yusuf_nugroho @rashid_khasanov @shpigford @sab8a