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#4 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2014
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nathan beckord
nathan beckordMaker@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
Hi guys, Nathan of Foundersuite here. Thanks for having us! :) The quick backstory: we launched an Investor CRM tool about 18 months ago as a way to manage investor discussions...e.g. a replacement to the spreadsheet. Users liked it a lot but the #1 comment was, "what I really need help with is *finding* relevant investors." Hence, we built the new Investor Search product to address this need. In short, it's a visual UI that runs on AngelList's API and helps users search for investors by: i) industry; ii) location, and iii) online profiles (LI, FB, About, etc.). One UX tip: when you start typing an industry, give it a few seconds to ping the API and pull back the right industry tags. Then select from those displayed. It won't work if you just free form it. Would love any feedback on the product, of course :) Finally, the codeword "ProductHunt" gets 27% off any Pro or Team plans. Final-final, if enough PH'ers want it, we could create a code for 2 months free later today.
Kartik Parija
Kartik Parija@kartikparija · Cofounder @AdoriLabs, Reimagining Audio
@Foundersuite Very cool Nathan and team. Just upvoted. Hope to use it and you get enough love here to issue that 2 month free code ;) Wish we had this a couple of months ago when we opened up our 1st angel round, but its never too late to identify potential investors. What about advisors?
nathan beckord
nathan beckordMaker@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
@kartikparija Kartik I like that idea! We will check and see if AL's API supports a dedicated "Advisor" tag. That would be a cool product and a logical extension of the UI. As for that code, regardless of how today's Hunt turns out, email me and we'll hook you up :)
Ty Martin
Ty Martin@tymrtn · Founder,
I've tried it out and indeed, it's very helpful for finding/filtering investors. Looking forward to using it more seriously when we hit the funding trail.
nathan beckord
nathan beckordMaker@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
@tymrtn Thanks Ty, and thanks for the product & design feedback. Super helpful! Trying hard to make it high-utility (without adding too much complexity :)
☕️@colbyh · building stuff @
Haven't used, obviously, but a vote for Nathan of FS. Great guy.
nathan beckord
nathan beckordMaker@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
@colbyh aww, blushing. Thanks Colby! :) Hope you guys are thriving.
Lakshman Mody
Lakshman Mody@lakshmody
What other products play in this space?
nathan beckord
nathan beckordMaker@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
Lakshman, funding sites like Gust and AngelList are great for finding investors, of course (and to note, we are built using AngelList's API). There are tons of other subscription services that provide databases of investors, but most are aimed at Investment Banker types, and most are really expensive. Some examples are,,, etc.