Investment Calculator

A beautifully simple retirement calculator

Investment Calculator helps you calculate the potential value of your retirement investments and visualize its growth.

It also gives personalized suggestions to help you maximize your investment like renting out a room on airbnb, driving lyft for a few months, or giving up coffee for a year.

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Very well done, @calebarclay and @benadam11. I like how you've made small decisions (e.g. the cost of a daily coffee habit) tangible. Based on your research, what would be the minimum amount of savings one should have if they plan to retire at the age of 70 in the U.S.? (I realize this is an unfair question as cost of living varies across the states and family responsibilities can vary)
Thank you @rrhoover, it’s an honor to be on PH! To answer your question (it is quite the debate), a simple rule is to save 1x of your salary by age 30, 3x by 40, 7x at 55, 10x at 67. So at 70 years old, you should have saved 10x - 11x of your salary (eg 100k salary = ~1m saved). Some suggest saving up to 25x of your salary to account for inflation, family situation, location, Social Security, etc.
@rrhoover @calebarclay 1x salary by 30. I don't think so. Does that include the money invested in your house/mortgage?
@joshuapinter It does. 1x salary includes 401k, principle on house, bitcoin :) Some include cash savings in that 1x rule as well.
Hey PH! Super happy to share Investment Calculator → We built this tool because we had no idea where we were at in terms of retirement, and neither did our friends. Part of the problem was that online investment tools are outdated and plagued with retirement jargon so we decided to build one that is beautiful and clear. It’s super simple by design but we would love to how we can make it better. Thanks! Caleb
@calebarclay What a phenomenally designed site :) love it
@bentossell Much appreciated!
Okay, this is almost perfect. If you could tie this in with Wealthsimple or something, I'd be absolutely sold. In fact, they should acquire you and build that as a default tool into Wealthsimple. I think saving is one thing but you make it simple to see how your savings change based on simple decisions, like moonlighting as an Uber driver. Brilliant.
@joshuapinter Thank you so much! We may add an advanced option later to integrate w/ some 3rd parties :)
Great tool! Love the design :) Just one question, what's the exact formula you are using ? One other feedback, the tool doesnt' take into account "big purchase" in life, like buying a house. Or maybe do you consider "saving" as "retirement saving" only ?
@pierregillesl So the formula itself is pretty simple. Current Savings + Monthly Savings (x 12) x Interest Rate = Year 1 Total (aka current savings). And it repeats this for the investment period (retirement age - current age).
@benadam11 ok! And which interest rate are your using ? which kind of placement do you consider ? I tried to find the same numbers, but I always find way more with your tool that my calcul..
@pierregillesl Aggressive is based on an all stock portfolio (based on the 30 years average of the S&P 500 (10%) conservative is based on a mixture of bonds and stocks based on Vanguards portfolio allocation model -
Well done, I agree there is a big need for updated tools. I would suggest adding the rate of return you are using in your calculations so people can gauge. Also may want to not say it's extremely accurate for liability reasons. Keep up the good work!
@philboscarino We are potentially going to add an Advanced Mode where users can specify specific rates but that is great feedback! We can add the rate to the UI easily.