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  • Pros: 

    -Community of like minded people, that will push you to be a better trader and help you improve whether you’re new or a veteran in trading


    -Not enough hours in the day of the Stock Market! XD

    Just join us! See for yourself! We like to mess around and meme around, but we won’t let your dreams just be dreams, join us, and take your trading to the next level!!!

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  • Pros: 

    great group of folks

    all levels welcome

    funny chat


    life changing


    we want more folks to join the discussion.. <<not a con in any way

    Invest Theory has been a boon for me. The community is very helpful, and always open to answer questions. They shoot if straight as well when they believe that you're making the wrong call (either they'll joke with you, cry with you, or even laugh with you). They're just solid folks.

    Brad and Mike are the real deal as well. They will periodically make short, easily digestible video analysis of their trades and are also exceptionally cool.

    What's not there? There's like minded folks that want to make money and help you make money. There's educational materials for you to absorb at your own pace. There's a cool voice chat to chat with fellow folks (sometimes you get to listen in on hilarious rants, but mostly listen to cool music that's streamed). What else? There doesn't seem to be anything missin.

    Join us and make a couple friends. See ya soon

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Hello everyone, Super excited to introduce the Invest Theory community to you all. I started trading stocks in April of last year and have had many ups and downs. Mostly failures because I was fresh out of High School and didn't have much trading experience in the market. Ended up getting stuck in a pump and dump scheme. And let me tell you, it was a horrible experience. My takeaways from last year are that if you're going to be a trader, whether it's long term or short term, stocks or options trading, it's very important to find guidance. Asking questions and exchanging ideas with other traders are super crucial to help you avoid the "buy high sell low", "pump and dump", and just losing money in general. And that's where Invest Theory comes in. We're a free investing group with a great community. In addition, our Founder (Brad) and Co-Founder (Mike) are analysts with many years of trading. They're always around to help.
Michael Marin
Michael Marin@mikemex1090 · MORENA
MORENA here ! Pro- life changing , educational chat room ! Great energetic vibes and friendly people. Best of all it’s free! Brad, Mike and Tan do wonderful jobs making sure the group gets the 💰 together as one ! Con- not enough hours in the market to trade !
Good community, a great change from other toxic outlets (I'm looking at you wsb). But in all seriousness, folks here are interested in learning, so there are lots of information going around. The Invest Theory guys not only make some material available, but also make posts regarding trades, rationale and why things worked out or not. But more importantly, it's now yet another thing on my phone to prevent me from doing work. 10/10.
John Hudson
John Hudson@hudson228john · web designer
I liked this community! Do you work with oil trading? Is it profitable? I read here that there are two exchanges: WTI and Brent Crude. What is better option for begginer?