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πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Product Hunt! Alan and I are super excited to announce Introbot. Introbot lets you query your Intro network within Slack and find information about people and companies in your network. We noticed that a common use of Slack both at companies and within community Slack teams was to ask "Does someone know someone at X?" This is exactly the question Introbot answers for you. You can find individual people, or search by company name, skill, location, industry, and more, and see who in your team is connected to them. You can also invite Introbot into any channel and it will listen for new members joining the channel and welcome them. This is our first bot and we appreciate any feedback! To get Introbot, simply install Intro for your Slack team and create your own private Intro network for the bot to query. Go here to get Intro and Introbot:
@mitali Great to see your product on PH.
How does this compare to Intro? Wasn't that a Slackbot already?
@bentossell Intro – our core product – is a fully featured SaaS product with a web app. (see for more.) it merges your team's connections into a single consolidated network. We did have a /intro command inside of Slack but not a bot. This is our first bot!
@mitali ahhhh I seeeeee :) Makes sense!
Cool, I can see how this bot implementation offers a compelling way for users to interact and get value out of. awesome job!
@lnchoi Thanks Ellen!
I used it on UX design community on Slack and it works great! Thank you @Mitali and @sseong
Thanks @juan_jiang! someone claimed @alan so I am using @sseong for PH username :)
@sseong Sorry about that. Just corrected your name. Great job!
Just published a post detailing how Intro works under the hood: