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No sure how I feel about this. They're unabashedly pulling content from reddit with the claimed benefit of a better presentation. Although it may be a little more consumable than the cluttered, noisy reddit thread, it lacks the "weight" of upvotes besides each questions and answer. Posted ~week ago, Flawk (http://www.flawk.to, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/...) is a site to host real-time AMA's.
It doesn't really feel much different than the "read later" services or the flip/fancy tablet reader apps that are all over the place. But you're right, it's always felt weird when a service exists around presenting someone else's content outside of the area they're trying to present their content, haha.
Plenty of sites tried this with craigslist.
I like the idea of this, but one of the fun things about the Reddit AMAs are the snarky comments people leave. There are some truly hilarious people on there.