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Target ad campaigns using analytics data πŸ“ˆπŸ’°πŸ”₯

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Hey Everyone, I'm Jamie, the co-founder and CEO of Interstate. We built Interstate Audiences because re-engaging your customers is hard. You pay good money to acquire folks, but getting them to come back is a pain. This sucks for digital marketers because low customer re-engagement means low customer lifetime value, and low customer lifetime value means fewer customer acquisition opportunities and slower revenue growth. There just aren't that many channels for re-engaging customers effectively. You can use retargeting to win customers back, but that only helps you reach recent visitors. You can send targeted emails, but plenty of customers don't click on them. Even worse, these tactics don't even put you ahead of the competition, they're just table stakes. Solving the customer re-engagement problem can have a huge impact on the bottom line. A 20% increase in customer lifetime value can be the difference between being able to profitably invest $250k a month versus $25k a month in digital marketing. Interstate Audiences makes it super easy to re-engage your customers with targeted ads based on their behavior. We do this by ingesting your site/app analytics data and then letting you build audiences out of any targeting criteria you want. We use this data to create this combined audience out of cookies and emails for maximum reach, then allow you to build and launch campaigns to these users across Display ads, content marketing ads (Taboola/ShareThrough), and Facebook. For example, want to target "Users who spent over $250 on shoes last year and haven't opened an email or visited the site in the last six weeks" with ads on Taboola and Display on desktop, that's just a few clicks away. Happy to answer any questions you Product Hunters might have! Best, Jamie
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All these segmented advertising platforms can finally be easily used together and tracked. And we can finally focus on our target audience instead of just the channel. Great product!
Really great addition to the conversion metrics, I'm curious about the Display Networks. Is it just GDN or are you filling other inventory also?
@currankelley Hey Curran. We sit on all the exchanges for display not just AdX/GDN. We also have access to Taboola/ShareThrough inventory as well, along with Facebook web inventory.
We've been using Interstate Analytics for a little while, and have set up remarketing for both FB and Adwords. I'm excited to take this new Audience product a spin
This is solving a huge pain point for marketers and business overall! Really great product!