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Great to see the opportunity that this will bring to countries with limited internet adoption. Seeming that 80% of the world population has potential accessibility to cell and fiber internet infrastructure a lot of the challenges of this research is around remote accessibility, some of the strategies brought up are pretty interesting such as Free Space Optics and Drones and High Altitude Long Endurance systems - a little creepy yet functional. Wonder what impact this would actually have on the people living in these dense areas, the learning curve for adoption would be very steep
This is one the shadiest products I have ever seen. Their purpose is to get you to sign up for paid higher plans by giving you a sample free product. Forget about the net neutrality issues (who decides what web sites come for free?) and the obvious huge product promotion for Facebook. Imagine if the Red Cross gave you a bandage for free but if you wanted the Malaria Pill, you had to pay extra. This is how is positioning itself. Truly well disguised evil.
@kidbombay thats an interesting opinion. Even though it is clear that facebook has something to gain, the benefit of implementing the physical infrastruture outweighs the cost, its like an opt-in for access to a malaria pill or no pill at all ..
@acondurache But you aren't getting the malaria pill. You only get the bandaid (limited access to sites). You still have to pay for access to the real internet. There is no physical infrastructure difference as far as I can tell, it's just a free limited data plan, no different than the recent Sprint offering that raised a lot of stink. This is similar to NetZero back in the day. Get free internet if you view ads. But the worst part is Facebook and position this as some sort of altruistic front.