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It's hard not to see this as Amazon's native version of Canopy (hunt), right?.
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@chrismessina yeah you're pretty much exactly right
@chrismessina Right. We noticed this awhile ago, and have been exploring opportunities beyond our curated Amazon store. v2 will be much harder to clone! Also, this reminds us that taste and community are everything. So tempted to curate these finds. That aside, we still love Amazon. Working with their Associates program has allowed us to self-fund and build up our team. Curious to see where they take this.
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@chrismessina had the same thought. Amazon Launchpad is another variation of this, highlighting new tech products. cc @arjunsethi
@shanndfox I had asked you a couple of times to release some advertising opportunities...
@shanndfox Big fan of Canopy so if you branch out to eBay let me know. I'm not involved with our affiliates program but can try to find the right people for you.
The alternative thisiswhyimbroke.com
I had this micro site bookmarked a while back and it was a list of 'Beautiful things' back then. Now the change in name to 'Interesting finds' makes sense as the earlier collection was not beautiful at all. Canopy is still the best place for coolest product discovery. My Canopy collections https://canopy.co/binoyxj/collec...
@binoyxj Yep, I remember that. It was 'stream', launched over a year ago. Doesn't look all that different. https://techcrunch.com/2015/06/0...
A curated version based on the inventory of Aliexpress was previously hunted at https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Note the tagline: "Interesting Finds, updated daily” Amazon’s always been about search + intent. This is designed for browsing. Feels slightly Pinterest-y.