Export Intercom conversations to CSV

IntercomExport is a tool for exporting Intercom Conversations data to CSV format for analysing it in Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.

Customer Success Managers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, CTOs, Marketing Managers use our exports to understand their users, prioritise roadmaps and reduce customer support overhead.

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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 Tadas here! We are very excited to launch IntercomExport on Product Hunt 🚀! IntercomExport is a tool that can export your Intercom Conversations to CSV format in one-click. Then you can analyse that data in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers or import to a BI or data warehousing system. The idea came when I wanted to analyse our Intercom chats to identify recurring themes and realised that there is no way to do that without messing with the API. Intercom data is very rich and when analysed can uncover interesting insights into unmet user needs, product shortcomings and user education issues. These insights can then be used to inform product roadmaps, knowledge base articles, support bot training, marketing campaigns and sales processes. We are learning about the customer use cases and are building a very exciting new product which will allow companies to get even closer to customer needs (all without touching Excel), so watch this space. If you are wondering what insights lie in your Intercom data, we'd be happy to offer you 50% off the first three months. To claim this offer, contact us and reference ProductHunt. If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas - please pass them on in the comments! 👇 Cheers, Tadas
@labudis Great idea, Tadas! Do you have any use case to give as an example? What sort of data can be taken from Intercom and put into analysis?
@giedre_dubisevaite Thanks! We can export full chat transcripts that include the text of each message in a conversation, when it was posted, who posted it, when the conversation was opened and closed, tags and other useful metadata. There are many different use cases but these are Top 3: - Analysing tag trends (e.g. Which tags were most popular in July?) to inform product development and knowledge base content - Monitoring the efficiency of customer support (e.g. How long does it take to resolve issues of type X?) - Training chat bots by feeding conversation data into Machine Learning algorithms in order to reduce the cost of support.
"no way to do that without messing with the API." @labudis based on what I know about Intercom API, they've done a more than decent job, providing all details of conversations that are needed to extract insights. Having a continuous integration with Intercom through their API would be more valuable in my opinion. Moreover, syncing with an external API seems a very interesting engineering problem! However, very nice idea and implementation, congrats! Keep it up!
@dimkots Intercom API is excellent but the end users who need the data for analysis often don’t have the technical skills or resources to dedicate to a custom integration, that’s the segment that our tool helps. You are spot on in terms of creating a system that would allow continous analysis of Intercom conversations - that’s what our other product aims to do!
Looks great Tadas - nice job.
If you want to export the articles instead, here is a great video I found -
This product is a scam! what they don't tell you is after gaining all access. They show you this: You are currently on our free limited plan which only allows exporting of 20 Intercom Conversations. Subscribe to one of our paid plans to generate larger exports. Cheap shot much! @labudis
@johnschmidt we are transparent about the pricing. On the landing page there is a pricing section stating that free exports are for up to 20 conversations. You don’t have to use it if you are not happy with our pricing plans.