Intercom Shopify integration

Track, engage and convert your Shopify store visitors

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Hi, I’m the product manager for the Intercom platform. We built this integration to make it easy for Shopify store owners to integrate live chat into their stores to offer personal, friendly support and to help convert visitors to customers. The integration also syncs visitor actions to Intercom as events so that you can send targeted messages to re-engage visitors and provide better support. Happy to answer any questions you have about the integration or Intercom’s products. Hugh :)
@hughbeme Would love a way to auto-remove inactive customers after a set period of time. A big issue we have with Intercom that limits our love for it is the pricing model. Not every customer is going to generate income for the business and not every customer even has all the same data points — but we're charged based on number of customers.
@gooderdle thanks for the feedback! There are several ways to do this, and this guide ( is one way to do this. Feel free to start a conversation from the docs and we can guide you through the process.
Wow! Truly waited for this. Will def try it out for my Shopify store! 🎉
@mkaroumi Great to hear, and thanks for the comment! Do let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for how we can improve it :)
I am not a target user for this product but I love it. I have always admired Intercom's work in product and content. Very thoughtful. Great messaging.
@sarthakgh thanks for the feedback - really appreciate it :)
So direct conversions straight from Intercom - nice - tools specifically for that? Perf. @intercom @edwardoriordan @hughbeme @kant01ne @tales_of_cake
@elizabethhunker @intercom @edwardoriordan @kant01ne @tales_of_cake yup, conversations started from your Shopify store come directly to Intercom so you can respond quickly (and convert customers more quickly!). Thanks for checking it out.
This is awesome! What are some of the visitor actions that get fired as events?
@rezakhadjavi :) Glad you like it! The full list of 11 events are explained at - let me know if you need any help with it :)