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Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Interakt is an All-In-One customer engagement platform, that brings lead capture, user data, email automation, live chat, web notifications and feedback under one dashboard. Personally a big fan of and have been using it for our previous product.

Check out these similar apps

Also launching soon Wizrocket

Analytics companies like Mixpanel & Localytics are getting into the same space.

Helpdesk companies like Freshdesk & Helpshift are also working on similar tools. was also in the same space but recently pivoted.
Erik Torenberg — Former Product Hunt
@kwdinc awesome list :) where does Interakt succeed where some of these don't? We are using intercom and would recommend it, but we're open to other tools.
Samrat Krishna — Marketer @ Interakt
@eriktorenberg @kwdinc Interakt brings together all aspects of customer engagement to one platform. Following are a few highlights;

1. Interakt brings Live Chat, Feedback and Web Notifications to the plate.
2. It let's you engage visitors who aren't necessarily logged into your app. (this is not the case with Intercom)
3. It let's you capture leads via Live Chat widget, Feedback widget and notification bar as well.
4. It's much cheaper with plans starting from $19 USD.
Everton Hirata — Head of Business, Entreinaweb
Awesome =)
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