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yongfook@yongfook · CEO, Intellihelper
Founder here! Happy to answer any questions on the product :) It's pretty early days, literally just launched less than 24 hours ago. @jonahkaner you're quick off the draw!
Tamar Weinberg@tamar · Professional Hustler
This is pretty awesome. Nice work, Jon.
yongfook@yongfook · CEO, Intellihelper
@tamar thank you! 💪
eelco jellema@eelcojellema
Congrats on launching! Don't get the provided similar products here—this is more for like product demos/tours, right? Some thoughts: Pricing seems a bit steep. Also not too sure about audio; you have to make a decent recording and usually audio can be intrusive (I do get it makes the experience more personal).
yongfook@yongfook · CEO, Intellihelper
@eelcojellema thanks for the feedback! Regarding pricing, software of this type doesn't work with low pricing I think. The market is quite niche, it's basically aimed at SaaS startups, so a small total market size with a cheap price would probably kill the product. Rather than lower the price, I see the challenge as increasing the value that the customer gets :) still a way to go on that. As for audio, it's entirely optional! Your tutorials can be text and animation only if you wish.
Richard Kain@richardkain · Messing around on software projects
Intellihelper is slick, nice work. Implementing tomorrow! (On pricing, I didn't flinch; saves a lot of development time.)
Richard Kain@richardkain · Messing around on software projects
FWIW we did implement Intellihelper at (after our free registration; have the walkthrough as an option in our "Help" section lower left; @yongfook has been very helpful and responsive working out some minor issues. Thanks!