Job candidates for small businesses in 24 hours

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Hey everybody, I'm a co-founder of Instawork (YC S15). Instawork delivers high quality hourly candidates to small businesses < 24 hours. Most sophisticated recruiting platforms have traditionally served high-end jobs, but missed the majority of Americans who work hourly or part-time positions. Finding these kinds of jobs has been a manual process for both businesses and job candidates (for example, by hanging a “help wanted” sign in the window). 25M business and 80M hourly workers have this problem. We automate the entire process for a small business owner. Think of us as their hiring concierge.
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@saureen how many candidates do you have in the platform and in how many markets?
There are lots of places where a small business owner can list an hourly job. But Instawork is the only one where qualified and high quality job candidates are guaranteed to be sent to them in under 24 hours. Most listing services require a much longer wait and force hiring managers to do a lot more work, which really sets Instawork apart. Sumir and Saureen have years of experience from Groupon and YouTube and are a remarkable product/engineering team. We're proud to have them in YC S15.
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I'm the other co-founder and we're excited to bring our solution to PH today. Saureen mentioned the Now Hiring sign and that is something that resonates with everyone. In 2015, there has to be a better way! The other approaches take too much work or produce a flood of candidates, both of which are problematic for time-starved small business owners.
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I love this concept! I do wonder though - when you say you source qualified candidates within 24 hours, is that because you have a list of people signed up with self-described skills or because you scour other places such as Craigslist? Also, for jobs like baker - more skilled work than dishwasher - how do you test the candidates' skills?
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Our software scores candidates on a variety of attributes, including skills and location. Better matching is key to our unique approach because small businesses owners have very limited time; this also helps us scale in ways that a traditional job board or recruiting agency cannot.
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