Cloud-based app to automate activities on Instagram

Instavast is a web-based service for managing and promoting Instagram accounts. We help people and businesses grow their social impact. This service helps you attract attention to your page and get more Instagram followers.

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WiltonGrowth ☝️Marketing
How long is this going to last with Instagram cracking down hard on Instagram automation??
Evie RackerMarketing Manager

I have 3 accounts on Instavast and during the first month of using their service, I am completely satisfied with the results. The only problem that I faced was their free proxy disconnection. I managed it by buying a dedicated proxy for myself.


- Excellent support

- Free proxy assignment

- Cheap prices


- UI needs improvements to be more user friendly.

- Sometimes free proxies become disconnected.

- Post scheduler doesn't support videos.

Anik DevaughnDancer. Producer. Engineer | Canvazone
How does this compare in quality with apps such as PopSocial (former GrowthPup)?
Social Media TeamRed Cedar Websites

Ok, so i am fairly new to instagram, I had around 50 followers and was working on posting images to grow my audience. Starting a company is hard and promotion is not the easiest task.

This tool is really good, let me tell you why.

It allows you set setup geo or targeted followers it then engages with their content and comments on photo's.

It gave me a ton of extra targeted followers and engagement from other users.

By leaving this tool running while you post images (which this tool auto hashtags) I will get you to 1000 + followers in a around 2 weeks.

Highly recommended!


Easy to use and setup


Can't think of any

Scott M. CooperComputer Hardware Engineer

I added all of my accounts with minimum budget compare to other automation tools, It is exactly like Instgress with more features.

It is working aggressively like a Cheetah and sometimes you need to control it for the safety reasons, it's limitless.

I got the best out of working with Instavast so far with the help of their technical team and the individual conversion rate of my targets. Actually you can find out who are interested in your page who are not! Some of my target has less than conversion rate and I realize that their followers didn't like my pages, so I deleted them and added some new targets, after a while you understand your field of your targets easily.

Another feature that help me a lot is "Only active followers". It detect the users who are active at Instagram all the time. When I activate this feature I get more followers.

Thank you so much for your great service it helped me a lot, I hope this review can compensate a little part of your aid and kindness.


Cheap prices

Fast and expert support

Individual stats and conversion rate

Post scheduler

Mass unfollow

Mass DM

All kind of targets


Lack of engagement with your own followers

Follow and unfollow promotion do not happen at the same time

Need to set up proxy for likes

Hunting down comments...