Putting the spaces back into Instagram

instaspacer is a simple app which allows you to solve a really annoying problem. Not being able to use clean spaces and line breaks in your Instagram captions.

No more dots, dashes or any other ugly characters.

Just clean, simple new lines for everyone to enjoy.

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I've always done this by copying and pasting the characters inside of the brackets into my post: [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀] Your tool looks like a much less annoying way to do it. Nice work!
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@kraftykyle I didn’t know you could do that! Thanks for sharing. That might really help people on desktop who are posting to IG through tools.
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If apple stops rejecting it, damnit Apple, I want this!
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@aaronoleary I'm hopeful. I'll send them your comment. They said it didn't have enough features...
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@jason_thorarinsson There is literally apps on the app store with no features and a big price tag, its just an image that says "im rich"....
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@aaronoleary Apple have let us on!
Hey, thanks for checking out instaspacer! We decided to build this product in just 1 day to learn more about Flutter and solve a really annoying problem which plagues our time on Instagram. We're hoping to bring instaspacer to Apple soon (if they stop rejecting it!). The app is really simple, but we hope it brings some value to you and helps you make your Instagram captions look more beautiful!
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I absolutely love this product! Makes the caption look neat without the ugly dots!
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@vaio_0819 Glad you like it!
Hey @jason_thorarinsson 👋 I guess this adds a linebreak with one of the special unicode whitespaces other than the default spacebar one? Could you tell us which Unicode character works?
@yaserahmady Do you work at Instagram? Are you trying to shut us down already?! I was going to say we use AI to add the line breaks to make it sound sexier, but the Unicode char is just u2063.
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@jason_thorarinsson lol no I don't! We write our Instagram captions in advance and on PC and then copy paste it on our phones via AirDrop so having the invisible comma on PC will come handy, thank you!
@yaserahmady Instagram told you to say that, right? But seriously, no problem! It's very annoying and this is a really simple way to do it. Enjoy.