Instapaper 7

Redesigned and optimized for iOS 9

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The awesome peeps over at Instapaper released an update yesterday which they communicated on their blog: Love the work these guys do :)
@bentossell <3 Thanks Ben!
Just announced: Pinterest is acquiring Instapaper. Fortunately, the app will continue to remain as a separate app according to @mattlynley's
Very excited to try this new version out! Anyone know if there are any 3D touch implementations? Very excited about some of the simple new interactions that will be possible with it.
@benwtnb hey Ben! 3D touch; good question. As you can imagine, it's a challenge to learn of new APIs a week before launch day, implement those new APIs, and have them tested in time to submit for app review and launch. To make the problem even more complex, as far as I know, neither the Xcode 7 nor the Xcode 7.1 beta support 3D Touch in the simulator, which means that it's impossible to test 3D touch until the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are available to the public (9/25). I do know some developers that, after reading the API documentation, implemented 3D Touch features. However, it's my policy to never ship code that cannot be tested. Of course, we will be adding 3D touch support as soon as I can test that the implementation is robust.
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This is the greatest Instapaper ever.
Big thumbsup again to the team. Longtime happy user of instapaper.