Instapaper 6.2

Speed reading, instant sync, faster saving, and tweet shots!

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Brian from Instapaper here. We just launched a huge update to Instapaper with some amazing features like speed reading (highly requested), instant sync to have new saves pushed directly to your device, much faster saving with the iOS extension, and tweet shots! @catzo, @maannajjar, and I put a lot of love into this release and it came out really nicely. We will all be here intermittently throughout the day to take any of your burning questions, so ask us anything.
@bthdonohue I felt a bit mislead about the limits on the speed reading feature. There wasn't enough information upfront or at a cursory glance on how many articles you could speed read without upgrading to premium. Frankly, I think requiring a monthly subscription for a feature that (seemingly) runs on my local device is a bit off putting. Make it a one time IAP and I'm happy to pay extra for something you spent development time on.
@joostschuur Hey Joost, Totally understand about negative feelings for the monetization strategy for speed reading. In the linked blog post on this hunt, we clearly outline the monetization for this feature. I just want you to keep in mind that active development on a product is expensive, and we give a ton of great functionality away for free on Instapaper. The way we support the development effort is via subscription purchases, and we need to balance the features we build with a sustainable business model that will allow us to operate Instapaper indefinitely. If you'd prefer to pay a one-time fee for speed reading, I'd suggest having a look at some other great speed reading apps such as Velocity or Outread which have a one-time download up front. Thanks! Brian
Congrats on the release Brian! I like the tweet shots feature. One frustrating Twitter use case I find myself caught in a lot is screenshotting tweets on the subway when I'm offline, hoping to remember to go back to them when I'm above ground and online. Is there any feature I'm unaware of where I could send tweets or screenshots of tweets to Instapaper while offline?
@johnexley what's up John!? So here's the rub with trying to tweet from the subway: iOS' official Twitter integration has no offline support. For years, Instapaper circumvented this by requiring you to authenticate with Twitter in app, and then handling the post to Twitter ourselves. When iOS8 came out we reworked all of the social components of Instapaper to use the system share sheet, obviously there's a lot of benefits there with allowing access to third party apps. Sadly in doing so we also lost the ability to let users tweet offline. I've considered bringing our old integration back, but we would lose some stuff like the ability to tweet from multiple accounts, etc. I believe Apple is still responsible for the Twitter share sheet (since it's been around since iOS 5), and they really should be using their own new networking layer, NSURLSession, that has support for deferred network requests (including deferring until you come back from offline). NSURLSession is what we used to "speed up" saving to Instapaper. I put "speed up" in quotes because in reality the network request is just happening after the UI goes away. Hope that's helpful! Best, Brian
Regarding the speed reading feature, just curious if you evaluated Spritz as well? ( I find the Spritz version superior for helping me get up to higher reading speeds faster. I would be curious to know why you choose readquick over spritz. (Licensing cost?)
@bthdonohue Simply super what you added in the updates 6.3 and 6.4 - especially the twin features highlight and notes • — these made me go Premium.
@ovanrijswijk that's awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying the new features, and there's plenty more coming down the pipeline!