Show off your beautiful, panoramic photos on Instagram

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Most panoramas posted to Instagram shrink the photo to a thumbnail to fit into Instagram's square format. This simple iOS app instead creates a video that "pans" across the photo to show all its details at full size.
@gregg any possibility of handling vertical panoramas?
@nitinalabur Funny you should ask! I've been living nomadically for 4 years and while recently going through over 100 panoramas taken across a dozen countries I found I had only 1 vertical pano (of a cathedral in Glasgow). It's an edge case we'll be looking at as we compile our list of v1.1 enhancements.
@gregg true. its an edge case, because not many people think of using vertical panos. ~20% of my panos are vertical (horizontal is still a most often used one though).
@nitinalabur That's a useful data point. Thank you!
Great idea! Tried it out - seems like if you apply an Instagram filter to the video, it starts to stutter a bit. Original export from Instapan seems smooth though.
@Shubham thanks for the feedback! will look into this for sure.
Love this idea.
@alonnir This could be a potential solution for a place to paste panoramic pix without maps like you were talking about yesterday here:
@AnujAdhiya thanks for the note but not sure I understand :) it's a mobile app (and I want to show the sphere on a pc), for a phone I don't have :)
@alonnir Need more coffee :\
Crazy I had an idea for this months ago. Instapan Panogram