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And riiiiight after the Google Duo launch Everybody is getting in the ring for video chatting! Facebook's announcement Today we’re excited to announce Instant Video, which allows you to seamlessly add live video when you and a friend are both active in a conversation. Instant Video is great for sharing quick everyday moments or making your conversations richer by seeing each other face to face. Sometimes you just want to ask a friend's opinion on a pair of shoes you want to buy, weigh in on what ice cream flavor they should bring home, or see their reaction to your witty message, when you're in a place where you can't talk live (like a meeting - don't tell anyone!) 😉 Instant Video allows you to share regular parts of everyday life with the people you care about most. Instant Video makes live video with your friends as easy as sending a sticker or emoji. Here's how it works: when you and a friend are viewing your conversation at the same time, the video button in the navigation bar will pulse. Tap the pulsing button to instantly start the video stream and share your experiences in real time. Your video will be viewable over the text conversation. Your friend can watch the the live video or choose to share a video back. We hope you enjoy this Instant Video feature - tell us what you will use it for!
@bentossell also directly going after Apple's FaceTime and Snapchat's video chat. This extension makes sense.
@rrhoover yup. All the heavyweights in the ring (don't know why Im using boxing refs)
@bentossell @rrhoover Messenger will win the battle for the 30 and over crowd. It's so easy to get others to use once you show them how useful it is. And 90% of people already have an account. Facebook Pay has become a big part of my usage (easier than Venmo for the same "everybody already has it" reason) and floating video is the icing on the cake. Group video and screen sharing will be awesome if they can make it happen. At that point Skype and appear.in type services are no longer necessary.
@rrhoover @bentossell I look at this more as VoiceNotes 2.0 - In Mexico (where i'm from) , whatsapp and messenger voice notes have become a really popular way to communicate so this looks like the logical next step - really excited to use this feature!
@rrhoover @bentossell I have yet to meet anyone who uses Snapchat's video chat, though I could see people using Messenger's. Not sure why.
OMG... 😩 I really want to love Duo, which I do. But I have to tell all my friends to reach me on Duo now and install it. Way more people already have Messenger, but I want native experience when Android Nougat comes around. 1st world problems... 😆
Hey, this looks a lot like Yahoo Live Text. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
I'll be checking this out ASAP! Interesting to see another live streaming interface with video on "top" of the chat interface instead of hiding behind it. David and team: why did you decide to implement it this way? I made the same design decision, and am looking for good reasons to stick with it.
Welcome to the Tru(e)man Show with video chat everywhere 😊 This is a logical and a good move from Facebook though, congrats guys 😺