Instant iPhone X Mockup

Drag and drop screenshots to create iPhone X Mockup

Instant iPhone X Mockup is a open source tool for making iPhone X mockup fast. Just drag and drop the image to the iPhone frame and it will be wrapped into the phone screen. (No uploading and loading.)

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Anyway to make a mock up with out the uní-brow. I always see android and iPhone blends, home button of one, shape of another. I prefer iPhone X with out the uní-brow even if it not actual.
@androidlove Try out, there are more devices there :)
Great job !! 😊
It's also a open source project. Now on GitHub ( And if you'd like to see more devices on live, let me know!
@davidng_hk once you drop an image, how do I download the mockup? could add up to the code so I could also change the phone and background?
@hdugo Nice idea! Stay tuned for the update ;)
@davidng_hk sweet, will work on it too, I'll let you know
Does this still show on earlier iPhones?
@silja_litvin Not yet. Which device are you looking for?
@davidng_hk The 6+. Apparently I'm a dinosaur :-D
@silja_litvin Try ? there are more phones!
@davidng_hk We're using something, don't know the name. I just wanted to use yours :-D Anyway, good luck!!
@silja_litvin Do you mean the instant version? we may add more device, stay tuned!

Love the simplicity of the idea.


Finally no more fireworks or photoshop usage for creating great mockups.