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Are you wondering how well optimized your Instagram account is?

Run a quick audit using our new tool. Sign in with Instagram and we'll send you a free performance review.

So far our tool analyzes and provides tips on 20+ metrics. It's a V1 and we count on your feedback to improve it!

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This audit is very quick and easy to use and gives you great tips to improve


Quick and easy


I haven't found cons

Im getting a 504 error
@claudio_udler -_-' we will try to figure out what happened. Sorry for that.
Good tips. Here is some minor tweak suggestions. 1 - I was in a hurry and didn't connect the dots that the audit would be mailed. Maybe make that more clear in the wording. 2 - Compared to what? For example it says my posting is below average...what is average and what is recommended? (Obviously that depends, but perhaps give a range.) 3 - "You use few hashtags." Totally wrong. In fact I probably use too many (the 30 allowed) almost every post. Are you looking at a historical average (my guess) or recent usage? 4 - I liked your old report style, if I am remembering correctly, that had more charts and graphs. 5 - Echo what Anna Komok said already.
@kmullett Hi Kevin, thanks for this! 1 - Indeed you should probably make it more clear as we only mention that it will be "sent" 2 - This is based on the average post frequency of IG accounts in our database. We will add more details in next version. 3 - We noticed some issues on this data, it's being fixed now. 4 - We still provide this kind of "full" analytics reports but they are only available on the platform 5 - Gonna check that too Very good should only be when ER >10%
@romain_ouzeau This is looking great! Congrats! I've added it to my collection - Instagram Analytics Tools
@anna_komok Hi Anna, thanks for this! How do you think we could improve it?
@romain_ouzeau Your report says that my engagement rate is «very good» but I don't think that ER 1,79% is good. Especially for an account with a small number of followers (I have 2K followers). If you add ER number to your report, it would be cool. Anyway, I've found some useful tips that can improve my Instagram account :)
@anna_komok Hi Anna, currently fixing this. Will let you know when it's live ;)
it works as promised, and give free tips to improve , thank you