Instant Agenda

A powerful tool that will change how you run meetings.

Instant Agenda is simple software that takes the pain out of meetings. Build agendas as a team, focus discussion, simplify follow up and send action items to your favorite productivity app. Unlike any similar product, it actually helps you run a better meeting with tools to promote good facilitation.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
I had the chance to work with the Instant Agenda team in the early days of the product and was impressed with their attention to user input and feedback. Don't be fooled by the name. This product will change how you run meetings.
@ashmaurya Thanks for your guidance Ash, and for writing the roadmap. Running Lean and Scaling Lean we're instrumental in making this happen!

Instant Agenda is the best (I use for all of my standing meetings) because it keeps the team on track and doesn't put me in the position to be the bad guy when someone derails my meeting or goes down a rat hole. It has a feature where the group can vote if something is going off topic which I love. I wish all of my customers and partners used Instant Agenda.


Keeps my meetings on track while still being collaborative


Would be cool if Michael Ball could personally facilitate my meetings

Instant Agenda facilitates "lean coffee" style meetings. Participants vote on topics, and then IA runs through the agenda for you and prompts you to move on when time runs out on a topic.

Biggest value for me isn't the facilitation of meetings in real time, but the collaborative agenda building. Have a weekly 1:1 with your boss? Use IA to add topics throughout the week, and review a few minutes ahead of time so you know what you'll be talking about.


Good meetings take effort. Instant Agenda keeps you on track and on time, and gets you to put a bit of thought into meetings ahead of time.


IA is a separate web app used to create an agenda. Would be awesome to be fully integrated into gcal/outlook so I don't have to switch UIs.

We built Instant Agenda because we believe that everyone can run highly focused, hyper-productive meetings. It takes preparation, facilitation and follow-up. We want to make that easy and routine. Preparation: collaborative agenda creation including topic suggestion, comments, voting and agenda templates. Facilitation: tools to manage and focus engagement including decision voting, live notes, action items, off-topic flag, time management and moderator delegation. This is where we stand out. Most meeting tools are glorified note-taking. We actually help you run a well-structured meeting. Follow-up: communicate and hold accountable with action item notifications, detailed meeting summary emails, and meeting history. Send your action items to external tools for tracking. You spend (and waste) a lot of time in meetings. We believe you can meet less often, for less time, and with better results by using Instant Agenda.
@mscottball Where do you see voice to text playing a role going forward? What about machine learning? Also, totally unrelated, it's interesting to see the CA accelerator - how's your experience with that?
@shloky I think that voice to text and machine learning will play a big role in the future of meetings. The biggest problem is separating the value from the noise. Typically meetings are a bit jumbled, interrupted and hard to follow (even for humans). The initial problem is getting humans to structure and run the meeting in a collaborative, disciplined way. I think 80% of the value there. Machine learning will also play a big role in being able to observe meeting behavior and make subtle suggestions. Example: if you average 5 minutes over time on each topic in your meetings, we could warn you when your agenda is full. That is: 35 scheduled minutes might actually fill your 1-hour meeting. RE: CA Accelerator. Pretty close to pure awesome. I have the freedom to operate fairly independently and try to build a new business, but I have the support of a large organization when I need it. Heavily influenced by Techstars, YC, Lean Startup.

The responsiveness of the team is a big plus for me. If I have any questions or suggestions the team gets right back to me. Additionally, I've seen some of my suggestions implemented in the product.


IA helps me keep my meetings focused and on time. Having an agenda attendees vote on is extremely helpful. No agenda - no meeting.


I'd like IA integrated into tools like Zoom, WebEX.