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Hi Product Hunters! Instant 2FA is hosted two-factor authentication that lets developers add two-factor auth support to any website or app in 30 minutes. It takes 3 API calls to integrate and doesn't require any database or user experience changes. We've been running a small closed beta, but interest has spiked from tension since the election and we're excited to expand the beta! Instant 2FA is built by the team at Clef that has been working on more secure 2FA options for 4+ years, and will be completely open source once it's launched out of beta. Out of the box, Instant 2FA will support Google Authenticator (TOTP), text messages (SMS), and Yubikey (U2F) with one integration. The beta supports TOTP, then when we do our final release developers can enable any or all of the different 2FA options, and then users can pick whichever option suits them best. Product Hunters who start an integration today will get a lifetime 25% discount on Instant 2FA! (Your beta access code is: happy-hunting) I'm around to answer questions and our dev team is available to help with integrations all day :)
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The rest of the team will also be around to talk about 2FA and what we've built :) @jessepollak @landakram @aayush @gwongz @darrelljonesiii
@brennenbyrne Will the upcoming SMS feature confirm the phone number is from an actual mobile carrier? The latest NIST draft appears to require, see Alternatively can I turn off the SMS option? Thanks, Mike
We hit our quota for the current private beta batch, so we've had to close beta signups for now. That said, if you request access to the beta, and get approved, after coming through Product Hunt, we'll give you the 25% lifetime discount. Thanks for all the love & support PH!
@mdebenedittis Hey Mike, we'll offer carrier confirmation, we might not have it ready by the time we release SMS verification, but it'll be an option. As a site owner, you'll always have control over which forms of 2FA to offer your customers -- you can turn on or off any option that we offer :)
@brennenbyrne Hey ! You guys shut it down ?
We just integrated Instant 2FA to ReadMe and were really impressed by it. It's hosted two-factor authentication and the integration took us less than an hour from start to finish. Definitely recommended!
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Thanks for hunting us @gkoberger! It was a blast doing the integration with you and Marc :)
This looks super useful - looking forward to integrating it into Clearbit.
@maccaw Thanks Alex, that’s high praise coming from Clearbit. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.
Instant 2FA Integration literally took 30 minutes - every business should be doing this, no excuses. This Clef folks have certainly earned our trust over the years and my team/community are super excited to be benefiting from their expertise.
@_charleyw thanks charley!
The issue of security has become a hot-button issue. Hundreds of millions of accounts stolen on Yahoo are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we know has been hacked. Everyday I see Skype messages from friends with hacked accounts. 2FA is critical and Instant 2FA makes it incredibly simple. You guys are awesome!
@richard_rabbat Absolutely agree. We're working on making it simple to the point of trivial integration. There's quite a few opportunities to do so and make a developer (and end user) experience better here, and we're excited to tackle them.